Media Composer 3 way Color Correction

With Media Composer Ultimate, is easy to isolate colors and/or change color hues without having to export to DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, or another third party software product.

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Media Composer Three Way Color Correction

Edit a clip to a new sequence that has an area of Color that you would like to protect or change.

Then, start by click off to the right side of the screen by clicking on the Pre-Built Color Correction Workspace.

Color Correction Workspace

Then, click on the Secondary Color Correction Tab (Sec).

Next, click on the Input Vector Color Icon

Then, use the ‘Vector Icon Stabber’ to select an initial color of a hue area that you would like to change.

Select Reference Color Using Vector Color Icon

You may notice, it selects only a small range of color. Don’t worry. This next step is to click on the Add Color to Input Vector Icon.

Add Color to Input Vector Icon.

Click on nearby areas using the Add Input Vector Dropper until you’re happy with the selection.

Add Additional Color Ranges using Input Vector Dropper

If you need to remove Color Ranges, use the Subract Color from Input Vector

Subtract Color From Input Vector

By default Avid Media Composer will isolate the selected color range, which means the rest of the image will be black/white.

Isolated Color Range Result

Uncheck the Isolate Color Check Box

Isolate Color Checkbox

Now you can adjust the Output Vector to a different Hue, while persevering the rest of the video image.

Adjust Output Vector of Selected Color Range

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