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FREE $200 Per-incident
If you’ve signed up for one of our hands-on training courses, we’ll troubleshoot your problem for free.
For this service, you must be patient. If we can fix your problem within a realistic amount of time, we will contact you.

How does our support services work
Click on our contact form, and choose the support option. Please be VERY specific about your problem with the following information.

  • Software you are using, and the specific version
  • Operating System (Windows or MAC), and specific version (i.e, Maverick, Windows 7)
  • Specific details about the problem you are having with the software

If we feel we can solve your problem within a realistic amount of time, we will send you an invoice for $200.00. After we receive payment, we will contact you and solve the problem. The $200 fee is non-refundable. Howevever, if GeniusDV feels it was unable to solve your issue, we reserve the right to refund your money.

Other Support Options
We offer FREE ongoing phone support to all of our current and former students. You may call or email our instructors anytime, and they’ll help you with your software problems. If you are GeniusDV gradudate, we encourage you to contact your instructor directly.

Ongoing Support for Graduates

  • 24 hour access to phone and email support
  • Direct line to a certified instructor
  • Discounts for on-site training
  • Access to online training

If you are not a GeniusDV student, you can request support for a per-incident fee. Fees start at a minimum of $200 per indicent.

Also, remember that there are thousands of free articles on the GeniusDV website-maybe we’ve already answered your question

Search our tutorials:

Please do not call for free support if you are not a former graduate/student. Please call the software manufacturer directly.

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