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SketchUp Layout Topics

SketchUp LayOut is a 2D drafting and presentation tool. You will learn the necessary basic, intermediate, and advanced tools to present your 3D SketchUp models in several different 2D formats. You will also learn to navigate the LayOut 2D environment as well as how to be accurate while drafting within the environment. You will learn the process of importing several file types into a LayOut document and organizing information for presentation on standard sheet sizes set to architectural scales. LayOut provides you with the strategies and techniques you need to effectively and efficiently present your 3D SketchUp models in digital and print formats.

If you are unfamiliar with SketchUp Pro, check out the YouTube video from a user to see what’s possible.

You should already be able to:

• Define fundamental geometric and SketchUp drawing terms including: line,
rectangle, circle, polygon, parallel, perpendicular, axes, arc, rendering, field
of view, styles, and scenes.

• Demonstrate mouse skills including: double-click, single-click,
click-and-drag, and right-click (context-click).

• You will need a basic 3-button scroll wheel mouse to use LayOut efficiently.

SketchUp is an extremely powerful 3D modeling tool, yet it has limited presentation capabilities by itself.

LayOut 3 is the perfect presentation companion for SketchUp. LayOut provides a dynamic link between your 3D models and your 2D presentation,
allowing you to design up to the very last minute.

LayOut will ultimately save you time and money by providing a streamlined workflow and eliminating other expensive presentation software.

You will explore many of the popular features of LayOut by walking through a mock project and creating a 2D document optimized for print and digital presentation.

Upon completion these topics, you should be able to:

• Create and manipulate 2D geometry in a 2D drafting environment.

• Import 3D SketchUp models into the 2D LayOut document and set to an architectural scale.

• View and navigate a SketchUp model in 3D, and 2D.

• Modify a SketchUp model and update it’s dynamic link within LayOut.

• Utilize a variety of file types to create comprehensive presentations.

• Utilize strategic render settings based on the view port style; raster, vector, or hybrid.

• Leverage scrapbooks to quickly annotate a document.

• Export a presentation as a slideshow, .pdf, and .dwg/.dxf.

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