DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Training

Have you been thinking about bringing high-end color grading into your edit suite? The time to learn DaVinci has never been better. Blackmagic has priced its full commercial license of DaVinci Resolve Lite at the irresistible price of free, they’ve fully revamped Resolve’s user interface, and now you can get up to speed in a matter of days not weeks with GeniusDV’s intensive personalized training.
GeniusDV has two options learning DaVinci Resolve. We offer classroom training in Orlando, FL., or we offer a 2 day on-ite DaVinci training course (unlimited students) for one flat fee.

The DaVinci is the same top-of-the-line coloring suite that the finest coloring houses use to grade major films and Super-Bowl-class commercial spots. Now that elite toolset makes sense for even the most cost-conscious post production house.

With your GeniusDV training, you’ll be all ready to fix problematic shots, guarantee consistency across the shots in each edit, relight scenes, amplify your pieces’ moods, and apply the visual polish to help your video stand out. And you’ll be amazed at how fast the DaVinci workflow has become.

Day 1: Basics

  • Setup and Interface—Designing a color grading environment; configuring your system; managing DaVinci users, projects, storage volumes, and media pools; getting around the new DaVinci interface; software-only operation vs control surfaces.
  • Using Scopes—DaVinci’s high-performance instruments provide detailed feedback for color-critical decision making. Learn to get the most out of your color suite’s waveform monitors, vectorscope, and histograms, using them for both technical and artistic guidance.
  • Primary Corrections—Use the color wheels, mixers, Camera Raw panel, and Primary controls to adjust each shot’s overall exposure and color balance
  • Qualifiers—Selectively adjust specific parts of a video image on the basis of hue, saturation, or luma constraints
  • Power Windows and Tracking—Create vignettes, relight scenes, and isolate specific surfaces in your shot for adjustment

Day 2: Workflows and Advanced Techniques

  • Managing Nodes—Configure node trees to avoid redundant isolation work and create nuanced looks
  • Balance and Consistency—Color-theoretical strategies to create balance and structure in individual shots and harmonize successive shots in an edit
  • To and From the NLE—Send projects to and from Final Cut, Avid, and Premiere; online and offline workflows; conform to changes in your edit
  • ColorTrace, Scene Detection
  • Managing Grades—Recycle grades between shots and projects, maintain a library of looks, manage and apply LUTs
  • Workshop: Creating moods—Working with their own clips or clips from our extensive library, the class will use all of DaVinci’s tools to develop complete moods for short edits. We’ll then export each student’s color grade, with the instructor providing expert feedback and fellow students providing reactions as well as examples of their own personal approaches.

How to Schedule a Course
GeniusDV  offers three options for learning  DaVinci Resolve.  Our schedule is flexible M-F (evenings including).

  • Classroom Training (ORL, FL)
  • Hands-on Live Remote Online Training
  • On-Site Training (Nationwide)

Call 866-566-1881  for additional details and to talk with an instructor.

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