MC Color Correction – Animate

One of the great features of Avid Media Composer is the ability to create animated masks.

Click on this link for a YouTube Tutorial on how to create a quick mask by duplicating a clip segment within Media Composer.

Or, read the text/image based tutorial below.

Animate Effect in Avid Media Composer Tutorial

Start by duplicating a clip segment layer by holding down the option/alt key and pressing the UP ARROW key. That will duplicate the clip segment on V1 onto V2.

Duplicate Clip Segment – Avid Media Composer

Then, command click on the V2 Monitor Icon to Solo the Layer.

Command Click on Monitor Icon to Solo the Track

Drag the Animate Effect from the Effect Palette onto the V2 Clip Segment

Media Composer Effect Palette – Animate Effect

Then enter into Effects Mode.

Media Composer Effects Mode

Next, click on the Reduce Icon to zoom out of the visible area within the Record Side of the Composer Window.

Zoom Out of Visible Area of Composer Window – Record Side

Click on the Rectangle Tool within the Effect Editor Window.

Rectangle Tool within Effect Editor Window

Draw a Rectangle Mask around the water area and adjust the vertical feathering to hid the hard edge of the masked area.

Double click on the Animate Effect located on the Clip Segment within the timeline. The Timeline will expand with 2 additional tracks. This is called expanded nesting.

Within the Effect Palette, navigate to the Image Category and look for the Color Effect.

Color Effect within Avid MC

Drag the Color Effect onto the V1.2 track which is nested within the V1 track.

Nest Color Effect into Animate Effect

Then, adjust the blue parameter within the Color Gain category.

Adjust Color Gain for Blue

You can now umute the V2 track and place the monitor icon icon the V1 track.

Monitor V1 Track

That’s it!, now you have an isolated matte (mask) where you can adjust the color of the shape independently from the rest of the video segment.

Final Result of Color Correction Mask

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