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These modules are fair topics that can be covered within
GeniusDV's 'One-on-One' SketchUp Pro Course.

One-on-One SketchUp Training 2 Days ($1050)
1-on-1 Live Classroom or 'Remote' Online Training
or OnSite training (most dates available)
Nov ---- ---- ---- ---- 26-30
Dec 3-7 10-14 17-21 ---- ----
Jan ---- 7-11 14-18 21-25 28-01
Feb 4-8 11-15 18-22 25-01 ----
Mar 4-8 11-15 18-22 25-29 28-01
Apr 1-5 8-12 15-19 22-26 29-03
May 6-10 13-17 20-24 27-31 ----
Jun 3-7 10-14 17-21 24-28 ----
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These architectural visualizations are an incredible way to promote or demonstrate your product. Take your SketchUp model(s) to an entirely new level in our optional Lumion 3D course.

GeniusDV’s SketchUp training services make 3D modeling easy for anyone to learn.  After attending a SketchUp training class you’ll be able to use the software to work under real-world time constraints.

Take a look at some reason renders using SketchUp.

Full House Render #1
Full House Render #2

From broadcasters to architects and engineers, virtually every industry uses SketchUp to model and animate 3D objects and environments.

Learn how to model in SketchUp Pro!

Learn how to create 360 VR Image and Videos in SketchUp!. Take a look at what’s possible in our two day course!

Show what a new building would look like on a real map.  Recreate and fly through the scene of an accident.  Visualize your set before you build it-complete with simulated weather conditions for the day of your shoot.  And get a head start with the 3D Warehouse, which is full of pre-built models of famous buildings and common objects.

Our two-day SketchUp training covers the entire authorized curriculum, from how to open the software to the most advanced techniques.  By the end of our course, you’ll be able to create, animate, and display 3D environments at a sophisticated level.

Architectural visualizations are an incredible way to promote or demonstrate your product.  Take your SketchUp model(s) to an entirely new level in our optional  Lumion 3D course.


Recent Training Testimonial: “Hi John, I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my training last week with Katya. She is amazing! I’ve undergone a lot of different types of training during my 40-plus years of work-life – government, corporate, small business – and Katya is among the top three best trainers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She’s patient and encouraging and always made me feel I was up to the challenge (even when I wasn’t so sure myself!). And she made it fun. This training was worth every penny. It’s going to make a big difference in the product I’m able to offer my clients.  Warmest regards, Liz – Elizabeth Rand (cool CAD)

GeniusDV offers three methods for learning SketchUp Pro.

Classroom Training

We offer our SketchUp course approximately every month at our Orlando classroom.  We can also teach you at your own office.  Please call (866)566-1881 for scheduling.  Custom dates are available.

Benefits include

  • Hands-on exercise driven training
  • Certified courseware
  • Ongoing support
  • Framed certificate
  • Licensed Landscape Architect’s in FL may receive 16 CE Credits.

Day 1:

  • Starting a project
  • Setting up a project preferences
  • Geographically locate your project
  • Creating a template
  • Modeling
  • Construction
  • Navigation
  • Organization


  • Using lines, circles, polygons, arcs and surfaces to create 3D shapes
  • Understanding edges and faces and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Scale and precision
  • Push -Pull, move and follow-Me tool
  • Constraining object movement


  • Using tape measure
  • Dimensions
  • Protractor
  • Text
  • Scale and precision
  • Using axes


  • Zoom
  • Pan
  • Views – Standard and their uses
  • Camera tools – field of view, creating cameras, position camera
  • Making/saving and editing scenes


  • Layers – what they do and how to use them
  • Making groups and components – what they do and how to use them
  • Scenes – creating, modifying and updating
  • Outliner

Day 2:

  • Developing your project
  • Advanced modeling
  • Adding materials
  • Rendering
  • Creating animations
  • Using Google 3D Warehouse
  • Using Google Earth


  • Applying materials
  • Making new materials
  • Adjusting material mapping on faces
  • Mapping materials to curved surfaces
  • Editing material


  • Applying Styles
  • Editing styles
  • Creating styles
  • Exporting 2D graphics

Advanced Modeling

  • Modeling organic objects
  • Intersecting models
  • Using Sections
  • Using the Sandbox tools
  • 3D Text
  • Plug-in tools
  • Using Google Warehouse
  • Using Google Earth
  • Smoothing of faces using both soften smooth edges and the eraser tool
  • Photo match models
  • Using AutoCAD files
  • Exporting models to Photoshop


  • Making animations from scenes
  • Scenes – Transitions and delays
  • Export settings – frame sizes
  • Frame rates


Juan Carlos is an Emmy Award visual effects 3D modeler who has been teaching SketchUp and Lumion 3D.  His career spans over 24 years which brings forth his experience, technical savvy ability to help with the aesthetics of his various projects.  He’s is also skilled in creating pre-production logos, storyboarding, and high-end visual effects through other production software like Final Cut Pro X, Premiere CC, After Effects and Fusion.  Spanish speaking courses are available.

Katya Kean is a freelance professional SketchUp designer that specializes in designing hyper realistic models for Google Earth. She has taught classes in SketchUp for companies such as Walt Disney Imagineers, Architectural firms, Major Dept Stores, City planners, educational facilities, and technology companies.

Matt Donley is the founder of, a popular online resource for learning SketchUp. He is also the author of the book SketchUp to LayOut. Matt uses his experience in the construction industry to help him connect with other construction professionals who are interested in learning SketchUp and LayOut.

Steve Gross is a SketchUp Trainer and software beta tester. Steve uses SketchUp on most of his major projects, including the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park and the new Transformers theme park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Helen Ammon is a visual storyteller and specializes in designing scenic environments. Based out of NYC, her previous credits include design work for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, prop design for Walt Disney Imagineering, and set design for numerous NYC theatrical performances. She has also worked on unique projects ranging anywhere from The Bronx Zoo to a Circus in Times Square.