Media Composer 2020.6

Avid Releases Media Composer 2020.6 on June 24th.

For all the brave souls using Avid’s new optimized Media Composer software, you may want to check out the latest update! Make sure you read the latest Avid MC Readme file before installing.

The latest version mostly consists of fixes and patches. You can read all the new features in Avid Media Composer 2020.6 by visiting Avid’s website.

There are a couple of new features that seasoned Avid Editor’s will enjoy which include:

  • The ability to Dock the ‘settings’ window to other interface windows. Hurray! another time saver! For those of you new to Avid’s new 2020 interface, the old ‘project’ window is called the ‘settings window’.
Media Composer Settings Tab
  • It’s now much easier lasso multiple clips when you are in frame view. The bin will automatically scroll down if you have additional clips that don’t fit within the window size.

For upgrades like this, I recommend that you download updates directly from Avid’s Download Center instead of using Avid Link. Avid’s download center provides access to previous versions in case you need to uninstall and go back to a previous version.

If you’re interested in learning the new Avid Media Composer 2020.6 Interface, and/or becoming a certified Media Composer user, please give me a call directly at 866-566-1881. -John (Certified Avid Trainer for 25 years)