There are many FREE or affordable audio plugins that can be used with Pro Tools and/or Avid Media Composer. One plug-in in particular is the Pro Tools BX_SubFilter.

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Polishing up your mix’s low end can be tricky. Bass DI tracks can sound mushy, and kick tracks can lose their “Smack” Sometimes everything below 100Hz can become such an undifferentiated soup of noise that you just don’t know where to start! Why not start here ?

The free Pro Tools bx_subfilter is just the ticket for adding clarity and definition to tracks that have troublesome low frequencies. There are lots of expensive and complicated EQ plugins, but when it comes to controlling your low end, the bx_subfilter is unique for its ease and simplicity.

With just a few quick adjustments to its four-knob interface, you can breathe new life into those 808s that have been muddying your mix.

I use it on drum busses to control the monster drum sounds i create, this plug in is awesome! – Derek Hughes – Avid Certified Pro Tools Instructor.


Don’t forget that most Pro Tools plugins are directly compatible within Avid Media Composer. In Avid MC, they will show up within your Audio Track Effects. The same license will work with both Pro Tools and Media Composer assuming you have Avid MC and Pro-Tools installed on the same system.