Bin Layouts in Avid Media Composer

A relatively new feature in Media Composer is the ability to create Bin Layouts with the ability to save them to a shortcut key.

Media Composer Bin Layouts. Click image to play ‘Avid Bin Layout video tutorial.
Example of Bin Layout in Avid Media Composer.

Mastering Bin Layouts can speed up your workflow. A Bin Layout gives you the ability for the following:

  • Save the location of all your Bin Containers (including across multiple screens)
  • It remembers the number of Bin Tabs within each Bin Container
  • The arrangement of Bins with a Bin Container (see screenshot below)
  • You can create shortcut buttons that can be mapped to a toolbar
  • You can map your Bin Layouts to a shortcut key on your keyboard.
Two Bin Tabs within one Media Composer Bin Container
Example of Bin Layouts within Avid Media Composer

To Map a Bin Layout to a keyboard shortcut, or a button to a toolbar:

– Navigate to the Command Palette.
– Click on the Workspace Tab.
– Change W1 to your first saved Bin Layout (BL1)

Configure W1 (Workspace) to first Saved Layout
Drag Bin Layout to Keyboard

Now you can press a single button, or a keyboard shortcut to automatically map all your Bin Containers to a specific area within Avid Media Composer’s background panel.

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