Avid Media Composer PRACTICE EXAM

This is a FREE PRACTICE EXAM that will test your current knowledge in Avid Media Composer. This exam is extremely comprehensive.

This exam is designed to test your current knowledge to determine what training course(s) that you may need to become an Avid Certified User. It covers the majority of topics that you may see on the official Avid Certified Exams.

If you pass this practice exam, you may opt out of the official MC 101 – MC 110 courses, and take JUST the exams. *There are fees for the official exams.

Features of this free exam include:

  • 1 exam attempt
  • 200 Questions (variety of question formats) – True/False, Mix/Match, Multiple Answers, etc.
  • This is a timed Exam. You have 2 hours to complete.
  • Optional Hints
  • Certificate if you pass with 80%

An Optional fee of $100.00 Provides the following additional benefits.

  • No Time Limit on Exam
  • Retakes (up to 10 attempts)
  • Ability to save status and come back to exam.
  • Ability to Leave User Comments
  • Answers to Questions.
  • Access to Customer Support.
  • Exam Fee Credit for optional hands-on Certified Avid Media Composer Course(s)

Here are the steps to take the FREE exam:

  • You must supply a real home or business address
  • You must complete a short phone interview with a certified instructor
  • You must demonstrate that you are in the film/video industry or a student enrolled at an accredited school.

After you apply, is generally takes 24 hours for us to approve you. You will then receive a special link where you can log-in and take the exam.

We do not SPAM, and you will not receive marketing emails if you enroll for this exam. We are sorry for the inconvenience in an effort to fight automated bots that steal our content

Share some information about how you plan to use Avid Media Composer.

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