Nicholas Bradford

Nicholas is a seasoned 3D Artist with nearly 10 years of experience, including his experience in Architectural Visualization. He has worked with a large variety of software packages, including but not limited to Sketchup, 3ds Max, Substance suite, UE4, Zbrush, Lumion, and many more, to ensure that his clients receive the best possible result.

He started his journey in the 3D realm in high-school at age 17, beginning his employment at the prestigious Epic Games in his early 20s, handling a variety of tasks before moving into his current career as an Architectural Visualist.

He has tutored many individuals on various aspects of 3d work, from modeling and texturing, design principles, to sculpting and baking processes, rendering techniques, visual storytelling, and much more. He has a keen eye for detail, and his overlap of skills in various programs makes him a webbed compendium of techniques for achieving a design goal.

Video Editing and Audio Production