Alex Wales

Alex joined the GeniusDV fold in mid-2008 with a special expertise in the web and programming sides of video technologies. He graduated from prestigious Davidson College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Film, and worked for 3 years programming rights-managed workflows for producing, organizing, encoding and streaming on-demand video in educational and professional contexts. In a production capacity, he has complemented his obligatory time on the student film circuit by working with several major national networks on both training and production.

You may know Alex from the GeniusDV blog: at GeniusDV, he works as a lead content writer in addition to teaching courses on Final Cut Pro, Flash, Theory of Video, and web development for video pros.

If you have specific questions or needs outside of our formal course structure, Alex, like all of our GeniusDV Geniuses, is happy to work with you on a custom training/consulting package: just drop us a line and we’ll put you directly in touch with the Genius who can help you best!

Video Editing and Audio Production