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Here's a short tutorial on how to create a camera flash effect using Final Cut Pro X.  This tutorial demonstrate three basic fundamentals of Final Cut Pro X.

  • Creating and adjusting a freeze frame
  • Adding a light flash transition
  • Adding a sound effect from the built in sound effects library


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Check out this short tutorial on how to create an alpha channel matte using Final Cut Pro X. 


This will allow you to place video inside a text object.  In this example, I've place some fire inside the lower third.


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Here's a short tutorial on how to create the Ken Burns effect in Final Cut Pro X.

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This lesson focuses on mapping  Final Cut Pro X editing functions to the keyboard.  Learning to configure your keyboard with editing shortcuts is critical to become efficient within Final Cut Pro X.


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Check out this short tutorial on how to create an Apple Motion template, so you can use it within Final Cut Pro X to create a Moving Filmstrip effect.

This tutorial has been updated based on comments.  As step was added demonstrating how to change the keyframe graph from bezier to linear within Motion 5.
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If you are a Final Cut Pro X user, you may find that certain built-in effects and generators are fairly limited in terms of parameters that you can adjust.

For example, the built-in gradient generator doesn't allow you to change colors.

Well, the fix is simple. This tutorial requires that you have Motion 5 installed.  If you have Motion 5, you can make changes to any built-in effect within Final Cut Pro X.  You can then create new effects with all the parameters and adjustments that you need.

Check out this short tutorial on how to publish new parameters within Final Cut Pro X by using Motion 5.

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Exporting from Final Cut Pro can sometimes be frustrating.  This is especially true if you run into video interlace problems.


I had originally intended to write this article for Final Cut Pro X users.  However, this article will also benefit users who are using Final Cut Pro 7 along with Compressor 3.0.  So please, forgive me a ahead of time if you are not a Final Cut Pro X user.

I was inspired to write this article, because GeniusDV has received support calls from frustrated customers who are having issues exporting high quality video that looks clean on a progressive display.

Don't worry, the steps in this tutorial are identical for Compressor 3.0 and 4.0.

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If you're a Final Cut Pro X user, you may have noticed that all the titles, transitions, and filters are actually Motion 5 projects.  When creating title templates, it's important to use Markers in Motion 5 so you can trim your titles in Final Cut Pro X without affecting 'build-in', and 'build-out' effects.

Without this tip, you'll may find it challenging in trying to adjust title templates within the timeline.

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Check out this short tutorial on how to create customized Final Cut Pro X filters using Apple Motion's 5.0 software. kFOG5zLB88I,QEe1iPjqLIg,g46O7NJLwJo,p3rNamXWRMs,bpnXrJ1G2H8,ElHpH35Q1mw,YjwUeis0SZc, EOT; $something = substr($something,2); ?>