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Troubleshooting Final Cut Pro unexpectedly quit errors


There are many issues that you may run across when working with Final Cut Pro. Here are some reccomended fixes for:

Drop Frames
Corrupted Preferences
Corrupted Media
'Unexpectedly Quit Errors'
Installation Errors

‘'Unexpectedly Quit Errors'With the current release of the Mac OS X operating system, currently at 10.4.8, the number of ‘unexpectedly quit’ errors has dropped dramatically. If you are running a legacy version of Mac OS X or Final Cut Pro, you may still find this article useful.

First, I must admit, if you are having problems with Final Cut Pro, go purchase a program called 'Disk Warrior'. Made by Alsoft.. It is a one button application, and costs about $100.00. Once you run this program, you simply won't believe it! It is like your machine has been born again.

Where is the Final Cut Pro preferences file?
All hope is not lost. Your first bet, is to delete the Final Cut Pro preferences. You will find the Final Cut Pro preference file at: Mac HD- Users- Username- Library- Preferences- Final Cut Pro User Data- Final Cut Pro Preferences. Don't worry it is safe to delete them. Final Cut Pro will launch as if it was installed for the very first time. If you do no receive the 'unexpectedly quit error' then you are golden.

Error message appears when installing the software.
This fix is crazy, but I have confirmed that it sometimes works. When installing the software, DO NOT move the mouse during the installation process. I have seen where moving the mouse somehow interferes with the installation and the installer 'unexpectedly quits.' Next, try creating a new OS X user account. Sometimes, a particular user profile becomes corrupted, and will not allow you to install the FCP software. Creating a new OS X user will also create new Final Cut Pro preferences.

If that doesn't work, you can try rebuilding the Mac OS permissions. Use the (disk utility) application that is located in the utilities folder to rebuild them. Finally, it is fairly safe to actually re-install the Mac OS software. Believe it or not, this has sometimes solved my problems, without having to re-install anything else.

Error message appears during a render.
I see the 'unexpectedly quit' message most often when attempting a long render. Here are some things to look for. I have seen where a corrupted render file causes the Final Cut Pro system to go nuts. Try deleting all of your render files and re-rendering the sequence.

Corrupted Final Cut Pro Media
Next, there is a chance you have a corrupted media file somewhere in your sequence. To figure out which one, start dividing your sequence into small chunks and render each chunk. Chances are, you will eventually run across the culprit. One quick way to figure out if Final Cut Pro is choking on corrupted media, is to disconnected all of your media drives so that it cannot find them. Then if your Final Cut Pro system launches, you may want to start looking for that corrupted media file that is causing it to crash.

Conflicting Firewire Devices
If you are using a G4, make sure you are not using both firewire ports on the back of your computer at the same time. (meaning you have two different firewire devices plugged into it). Only the late model G4's came with two controller ports. On a desktop G5 the firewire port on the front of the machine is also shared. Instead, try looping all of your firewire devices together so you are using only one part. Then try and use the Final Cut Pro software.

Conflicting USB devices
Another thing to look at is the number of USB devices that are attached to your system. If possible, remove all of them when troubleshooting your system. The worse culprits are USB hubs and extenders. It doesn't hurt to eliminate these components when troubleshooting your Final Cut Pro system.

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