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Troubleshooting Final Cut Pro Common Problems

Here are the answers.

Here is a short list of common Final Cut Pro problems. . If you need additional Final Cut Pro help, please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit the GeniusDV support forum.

Problem: Everything in the Final Cut Pro canvas window has a red or orange tint.

Solution: Make sure with Final Cut Pro that RGB is selected in the viewer pop-up menu in the canvas window. If Alpha + RGB is selected, you will be viewing the alpha channel and RGB image combined, which will give your image an orange tint.


Problem: In Final Cut Pro, when adjusting effect parameters in the motion tab, nothing appears to be happening.

Solution: Make sure you are adjusting a clip from the timeline, and not a clip from the browser. Double click on a clip within the timeline window, and then you can adjust the paramters in the viewer window. Also make sure you are parked on the clip in the timeline that you are adjusting.

Problem: Final Cut Pro will not allow me to apply a transition between two of my clips in a sequence.

Solution: Make sure you have enough handles (extra media) on either side of your incoming and outgoing edit points. You can check this by double clicking on your incoming or outgoing clip to look at the media available in the viewer window.

This example shows how you can view the handles of a clip on the timeline by double clicking on it.


Problem: When using Final Cut Pro, A green check or red check has appeared in viewer or canvas window with little zebra stripes throughout the image.
Solution: More than likely, you accidentally used (control + Z) instead of (command + Z) to undo. (control + Z) is the keyboard shortcut to turn on/off the excess luma function.

Problem: All kinds of time-code numbers are now displayed over the image in the Final Cut Pro viewer and/or canvas windows.

Solution: You may have accidentally turned on the time-code overlays feature. The keyboard shortcut to turn this on or off in Final Cut Pro is (option + Z).

Problem: Some video clips in Final Cut Pro always need to be rendered even though there are no effects applied to them:

Solution: Make sure that all of your clips match the settings of your current sequence. If the clips in your sequence do not match all the setting parameters of your sequence exactly, they will need to be rendered.

Problem: When digitizing, Final Cut Pro is not sending audio out of my computer.

Solution: In the audio / video settings box, select the capture presets tab. Then click the advanced button for Quicktime audio settings. Turn the speaker setting from off to on. Be aware that while monitoring your audio this way, it will be slightly out of sync with what is displayed in the capture window. This is normal and your clip will play in sync once it has been captured.

Problem: There are two firewire ports on the back of the computer, and when I plug a separate firewire device into each of the ports, the software does not function properly.

Solution: Make sure you loop your firewire devices, instead of utilizing both ports on the back of the computer. On Dual Gig machines and lower, using both fire-wire port causes Final Cut Pro problems, and you will discover all sorts of mysterious issues.

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