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Top Keyboard Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro

When it comes to learning shortcut's for Final Cut Pro, there are hundreds of them. If you are new to the software, it is going to take some time to learn keyboard shortcuts.


I'll focus on a couple of important 'keyboard shortcuts' that are easy to understand, and immediately useful.

(Apple + Z): Hopefully, you've already discovered this shortcut. It's the shortcut for UNDO. *Make sure you set your Final Cut Pro user preferences to the maximum number of undo's (99).

NOTE: Because (Apple + Z) is a popular shortcut, I find many users accidentally use Control Z, or Option Z by accident. If you press Control Z by accident, you may get a check mark that appears in your Canvas or Viewer Window. Don't worry, it's actually a nice feature within Final Cut Pro. Press Control Z to turn it off.

(Apple +/-): Using the apple key with (plus or minus) allows you to zoom in and out of windows. This includes the Timeline, Viewer and Canvas Window. A typical eiditing workflow within a sequence is to zoom into the location you are working on, and then zoom out to show the entire timeline.

(Shift + Z): This keyboard command will fit the Viewer, Canvas, or Sequence back into the window so you can see the entire contents. This is particulary useful when zooming in-out of a sequence, and you want to be able to see the entire sequence again.

(Control + U): This is a nice shortcut, because it will automatically reformat all of your Final Cut Pro windows to their default positions.

(N): This is a critical shortcut, since it turns on/off the snapping feature within Final Cut Pro. You'll constantly have the need to turn on/off the snapping feature when you are editing.

UP/DOWN Arrows: This will jump the position indicator to each edit point within s sequence.

(Right Click Mouse Functionality): Many shorcuts can be accessed through a series of contextual menus. Make sure you have your right button mouse configured to utilize the contextual menus.

There are hundreds of other shortcuts within Final Cut Pro, but if you master just a few of them, it will make editing much easier.

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