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Tools for Encoding Flash Streaming Content

Here's an overview of tools for encoding Flash Streaming content:

Sorenson Squeeze for Flash and Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite


Key Features:
*Alpha Channel Support with On2 VP6 codec
*On2 VP6 Pro Plugin Support for Mac (Plug-in must be purchased separately)
*Embedded Cue Points for Flash
*Free Sorenson FLV Player
*Improved, easy to edit Flash Player Skins templates for SWF and FLV
*Linked or Embedded FLV option for SWF files
*Global Metadata Entry on Source Files for Flash output

Learn more details about Sorenson Squeeze for Flash and Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite

Compression Master


Key Features:
*Encode videos to the Flash (SWF) format
*Encode videos to Flash Video (FLV) file format

Get more information about Compression Master

Flash Professional 8


Key Features:
*Flash Video Exporter Plug-in for QuickTime
*Advanced Encoding Options
*Embed Cue Points for FLV files
*Alpha Channel Support
*Stand-alone Video Encoder
*Includes the On2 VP6 Codec

Learn more about Flash Professional 8 features for encoding video content


Key Features:
*Turn Video into an Animation
*Includes the On2 VP6 Pro codec
*Output Video in a Custom Player Automatically
*Batch Encode Videos
*Customizable and Savable Settings and Options
*Apply Advanced Flash features without knowing Flash

Get more information about Flix Pro


Key Features:
*Export Flash from QuickTime enabled applications
*Includes the On2 VP6 Pro codec
*Export both FLV and SWF files
*Customizable Presets
*Output both Flash 8 and Flash MX FLV video
*Export SWF and FLV Audio

Learn how Flix Exporter works with Non-linear editing systems

Flash Video Studio


Key Features:
*Add Animated Logo, Image, and Text Watermark
*Add Customizable Movie Navigation Control
*Review Video effects in Real-time Preview
*Real-time Bandwidth and File Size Estimation
*Built in FTP Upload Tool
*Bath Publish and Upload Video Files

Find out what other things Flash Video Studio can do

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