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Superimposing In Final Cut Pro

You have just been handed the finished graphic that you will use in your thirty second spot for a Lexus dealership and now its time to superimpose it over the video where a couple is handed their keys, then drive off into the sunset.


Superimposing A Graphic

1 Either set your in and out points within the sequence or simply park the playhead over the video you wish to superimpose over, before you make your edit.

2 Set the in point in the viewer, when usinig something other than a static image, to mark where the superimposed clip should start.

3 Make the edit by clicking on the superimpose button within the canvas or dragging the clip from the viewer to the superimpose overlay within the canvas window. You could also press the F12 key, assuming that it has not been remapped.

How about learning After Effects to compliment Final Cut Studio.