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Sorenson Compression Suite Provides Easy Video and Audio Compression

Author: Derrick Freeman, Video Streaming Specialist

If you are an individual who is new to video encoding and compression you’ll want to purchase a copy of Sorenson’s Compression Suite available for Mac and PC Platforms. However, The product is much more appealing for the PC users. I wonder why? The Mac Version of Compression Suite allows users to encode video to QuickTime, MPEG4 and Flash. The PC version offers the ability to encode to Real, Windows Media, MPEG1, MPEG2, QuickTime, MPEG4 and Flash. 

What makes Compression Suite such a good buy is its reliability and efficiency in video encoding. The manufactures of this product have done an outstanding job. They stay current on the bug fixes and continue to enhance their product. Whenever I need quick and reliable video encoding for my streaming projects I turn to Sorenson Compression Suite. It just works! I consider the software the “Swiss army knife� of video encoding and compression.


Out of all the Video Compression tools that I used Compression Suite can get users encoding the quickest. Features such as Watch Folders, Movie Trimming, Video Filters, Audio Normalizing, and Video Cropping make it a superior tool. Compression Suite also includes the professional version of the Sorenson Video 3 Codec and allows special features such as 1-Pass and 2-Pass Variable Bit Rate Encoding in addition to already included presets for creating Downloadable and Streaming movies. Users have the ability to create custom presets settings that can be used over and over. The nicest element about this software is that once the custom settings are created, anyone can help assist in the encoded process without having to be an expert. 

Priced around $500 for the Mac and PC version users will quickly find that the software is very much worth every last dollar spent. Visit www.geniusdv.com for free on-line tutorials on Sorenson Compression Suite.

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