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Sharing Clips Between Sequences In Final Cut Pro

You have built an awesome 30 second spot within Final Cut Pro that is a definite eye-catcher and will stop anyone in their tracks! The client is overwhelmingly pleased, but requests one more thing of you. They need you to make a more compact version of that same spot that is 15 seconds long. Well, anyone who has been a commercial producer for any length of time can tell you that if at all possible, you don't need to re-invent the wheel. You will be borrowing the proper pre-edited clips from your original 30 second spot to provide the one two punch your client is looking for.

FCP Sequence.jpg

Sharing Clips Between Sequences by Copying and Pasting

1 Open the original project that you want to copy material from and select the clips you wish to copy from the timeline.

2 Press Command C to copy the clips(s).

3 Open the new sequence and drag it by its tab to a new location so that you are able to view it and the original sequence simultaneously.

4 Ensure that the Auto Select controls are active for the tracks in the new sequence you will be copying to.

5 Move the playhead to the area that you wish to copy the clip(s) to within the new sequence.

6 Press Command V and you will have shared clips between sequences.

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