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Setting Up For Voiceover in Final Cut Pro

After making the necessary hardware connections, in order to utilize the voiceover tool in Final Cut Pro, you will first need to set the duration you're recording and the target audio track within the sequence.


Defining Duration:

Perform one of these options

- The easiest method would be to create in and out points within the timeline.
- If you fail to specify an in point, the playhead will act as one and the recording duration will last until the out point.
- If you fail to specify an out point, the last clip at the end of the sequence will be used.

Setting Track Destination:

Audio recorded using the voiceover tool is placed in the audio track defined by the audio channel 2 destination track.

Example: Lets say that you already have a sequence that is comprised of three tracks, one video and and a soundtrack on audio channels one and two. You will need to enable the audio channel 2 target control of audio track 3 before you use the voiceover tool. The voiceover will then be placed in track 3.

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