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Ripple Editing In Final Cut Pro

Being able to manipulate edit points so that you can tweak your finished project in Final Cut Pro is a must know and having multiple ways to do so is a plus! Perhaps you want to change the content of the clip without changing its duration or the duration of the entire sequence, then you want to perform a Slip Edit. Maybe you want to lengthen or shorten the in and out point of two adjacent clips, then you would want to use the roll tool. Today, we will discuss how to create a ripple edit.

ripple edit.jpg

Perhaps you are already familiar with the ripple delete, deleting a clip in the timeline resulting in the sequence collapsing to close the gap left by the deleted clip. Well, these two functions are very simililar in the way that they both effect the entire sequence duration by rippling their effect through to the out point. In this case, we will not be deleting anything, but simply adjusting the in and out points of a clip.

Ripple Editing In The Timeline:

1 The keyboard shortcut to activate the ripple tool is pressing the r key twice or you can activate it by going to the tool palette and selecting the Ripple tool.

2 With the Ripple tool selected, click near the edit point of the desired clip you wish to perform the ripple edit on. If you watch the ripple tool closely as you move near the edit point, the tooll will point in the direction of the clip boundary you are about to manipulate.

3 You can drag the edit point in either direction, making it longer or shorter, or simply start typing the number of frames you wish to move the point, preceeded by either a + (to add to the edit) or - (to subtract from the edit), then press the return key. This second option might seem confusing at first, because you are simply selecting the boundry you wish to manipulate then you blindly start typing a value into thin air. Don't worry, as soon as you start to type, with the boundary selected, a small box will appear so that you can see the value you are entering.

Your ripple edit has now been completed.

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