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Performing a Fit to Fill Edit in Final Cut Pro

You can perform a fit to fill edit with multiple selected clips in the Browser by marking in an out points for multiple clips, selecting those clips in the Browser and dragging the top selection to the Fit To Fill overlay button located in the Canvas Window. You can either set in and out points in the Timeline or you can simply place the playhead over the clip where you want to start the edit and FCP will replace each consecutive clip in the timeline with each clip you had selected in the Browser Window. If you have chose more clips in the Browser than you have in your timeline, then you will recieve an "insufficient content for edit" error.

With this being said, you will likely find it much more practical to perform this procedure with a single clip at a time due to the nature of Fit to Fill procedure, which we will discuss later.

Performing a Fit To Fill Edit with a Single Clip

1 Make sure you have the destination track selected for the edit.


2 You can either set in and out points for the edit in the Timline or in the Canvas Window or park the playhead over the clip you wish to replace. In this example, I have chose simply to park over the targeted clip. Keep in mind that you can also park the playhead over a gap you wish to fill in the timeline as well.


3 Double click on a clip in the Browser to load it into the Viewer.

4 Set your in and out points for the clip.


5 Drag the clip from the Viewer over to the Canvas Window overlay marked Fit To Fill, then release. You will see that the clip in the Viewer has replaced the designated clip in the Timeline.


There is a very significant consequence to utilizing the Fit To Fill feature that is woven into the very nature of its functionality and that is: the speed of the clip that you are editing into the sequence will be adjusted so that the clip can fill that space without changing the length of the overall sequence. For instance, if you placed a clip with a three second duration into a gap that has a duration of seven seconds, the clip will have to be played back at a slower speed in order to fill that gap. The same logic applies if the duration of the clip is longer than the duration of the gap that it is filling. The clip would have to play back faster in order to maintain the finite duration of the sequence.

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