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MPEG Pro HD - Plug-In For Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

MainConcept, recently released the MPEG Pro HD 2.0 plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro. Built from an entirely new code base, the new version brings frame-accurate, native MPEG editing with smart rendering to Premiere Pro 2.0. It also adds professional features such as H.264 import and export, MXF file support for Sony XDCAM HD, enhanced HD editing performance and various other improvements.


MPEG Pro HD turns MPEG editing (including HDV) into a fast, high-quality workflow without the need to transcode to other formats for editing.

MPEG Pro HD features include:

- Native MPEG editing with smart rendering
- H.264/AVC support. Import and export H.264 video clips
- Sony XDCAM HD support
- Support for popular high-definition camcorders
- Import, capture, edit and export of HD video footage in 720p and 1080i
- AAC Support. Import and export of files with AAC Audio (Advanced Audio Coding).
- Apple iPod and Sony PSP presets
- Realtime capture to MPEG from various analog and digital sources
- Optimization for Intel DualCore Technology

"The release of MPEG Pro HD 2.0 is a significant step for all Adobe Premiere Pro users," said Markus Moenig, founder and CEO of MainConcept. "The new version offers many high-end features, such as H.264, AAC, and of course, the highly anticipated Sony XDCAM support. MPEG Pro HD will help professionals to edit and create high-quality footage with Adobe Premiere Pro."