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Motion and LiveType with Avid Xpress

With the introduction of the intel based iMac's and Mac Pro systems, you may have the opportunity to use your Avid software in conjunction with many of the video editing applications that are available for Macintosh.

This is particularly true for authoring DVD's. I have yet to find an easier DVD authoring program than Apple's iDVD. For sounds effects, and sound design I prefer Apple's SoundTrack Pro.

Better yet, if you are lucky enough to have Apple's Final Cut Studio, you can use the best of both worlds! For myself, I prefer to edit my content with Avid Media Composer, but then I'll use DVD Studio Pro for my DVD authoring. I also use Apple Motion and LiveType for effects and compositing.

You can even import Motion or LiveType project files directly into an Avid bin window without ever having to export the file from Motion or LiveType.


Better yet, the Avid software will build a real-time moving matte for you, which will enable you to make keyframe adjustments in terms of your objects position. Here's how it all works.

After you have finished your LiveType or Motion project, make sure you save your project. This will allow you to drag the LiveType or Motion icon directly from the Canvas Window into an Avid Bin. Of course, you'll need to have both applications open at the same time. You'll also need to slide your Canvas window over in order to see the Avid application underneath it.


The project icon is very small, so it may take some good hand-eye coordination to finally grab onto the project icon with your mouse. Once you've grabbed onto the project icon, you can drag it directly into your Avid bin window.


The Avid will create a real-time moving matte from the project icon. This will take three seperate passes in order for it to build the required alpha channel.


After you're done, you'll be able to edit your LiveType or Motion media directly into your Avid timeline.

*If your Motion of LiveType graphics do not import correctly, check your Avid import settings. Make sure the option for 'invert existing alpha channel' is selected.


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