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Learning Final Cut Pro with an Editors Keyboard

If you have been using Final Cut Pro for only a brief amount of time, there is no doubt that you have become aware that there are more than just one way to do everything within this robust app. The advantages of flexibility in workflow and execution are a strong selling point for any NLE, but never the less, when you are in the process of learning the app, all of the choices and key commands present a daunting task in brute memorization. If you read more techinical and user manuals than you do novels in a year, then you'll probably have no problem bouncing between the manual and a standard keyboard until you've remembered the shortcuts but, a Final Cut Pro editors keyboard is a great learning instrument that can greatly reduce the degree of that learning curve. If you are just beginning your editing career or are a seanoned veteran, you can improve your efficiency and save time when you need it the most, like when have a client over your shoulder!


You can purchase this Final Cut Pro editing keyboard here. Read about the specifications.