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Including Watermarks on Videos with QuickTime Pro 7

Including watermarks on QuickTime Movies with QuickTime Pro 7 can seem confusing but this tutorial will show you how.


First you'll create a Quicktime Poster Movie. If you have an image file supported by QuickTime Pro you can navigate to the File Pull-down Menu in QuickTime Pro and select Open File. Photoshop .PSD and JPEG .jpg are good image formats to use for this purpose.

Once you open your file you can then select Save and this will save your image as a Poster Movie, which is a one frame video. When you have your poster movie created you are ready to watermark your QuickTime Movie in QuickTime Pro.

Open the QuickTime movie you want to apply the watermark to and also open the poster movie you just created. Now, select the Poster Movie.


While you have the Poster Movie selected choose Select All from the Edit Pull-down Menu and then choose Copy from the Edit Pull-down Menu.


Next select the QuickTime Movie that will receive the watermark. Under the Edit Pull-Down Menu choose Add Selection & Scale and this will apply the poster movie to the entire video.

The next thing to do is make sure your Poster Movie to be used for the watermark is on the top most layer in QuickTime Pro.


To do this navigate to the Window Pull-down Menu and select Show Movie Properties. Select the video layer for your watermark which is usually labeled Video Track 2 if it is the second layer that you have created in QuickTime Pro. Next, select the Layer pop-up menu at the bottom of the Show Properties dialog window inside the Visual Settings Tab and make sure Video Track 2 has a lower number than Video Track 1 (your primary video track). This will put the watermark which is on Video Track 2 in front of the video on Video Track 1.


Another cool element of using Quicktime Pro for creating watermarks is you can scale the size of the Poster Movie used for the watermark if you desire or you can reposition the watermark to the lower right or lower left corner of the QuickTime Movie if you want.

This is done by adjusting the Offset under the Visual Settings inside the Show Properties dialog window. Notice how in the previous image above under Offset it displays an Offset of 420 x 440 pixels. This moves the watermark to the lower right corner.

note: If you are creating a watermark for streaming videos many compression tools are able to input an image file to have it used to display a watermark.

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