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How to Export QuickTime Movies from your NLE - Part 1

(Note: Some of the steps listed may be different based on your non-linear editor. The ultimate purpose of this tutorial is for those that a encoding videos for streaming in a video compression application.)

In your non-linear editor choose an in point and and out point for your video.


Then go to the File pull down menu and choose File then Export and Select QuickTime or Using QuickTime Conversion


When the Save dialog box comes up name your file and select Quicktime Movie for the Format. Then click the Options button. Inside the Options button is where all the power of using QuickTime is. If you don't adjust the options your export will be based on the last used default settings.


When you do click the Options button you'll see several additional buttons for adjusting Video settings. The options are Settings, Filter and Size. Inside the Audio section there is only one button for audio which is called Settings. There is also an option for Streaming Video at the bottom of the Dialog box, It says "Prepare for Internet Streaming. Make sure this button is deselected as you want to make your real-time streaming files or downloadable streaming file inside of another video compression application.

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