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Get Field Dominance with Compressor for Flip4Mac Encoding

For anyone that doesn't already know it Flip4Mac is a great tool for easily encoding Windows Media content in Quicktime based applications. One of the keys to getting good quality with Flip4Mac is understanding the field dominance of your source. This is referred to with many tools as Lower Field First, Upper Field First and Progressive. Mac users that have Compressor can easily find out the Field Dominance of their source. Anyone who has the full version of Final Cut Pro actually should have Compressor because it comes with the Final Cut Pro application.

To determine your field dominance (sometimes called field order). Open Compressor and drag a video clip to the batch.


Click once on your source file and the Inspector Window will show information about the video file. Notice how Birds.avi is selected above.


Look in Compressor inside the Inspector window where Native Field Dominance is displayed to determine you field dominance. It will say Progressive, Lower or Upper. This is your field dominance.

Now that you know know your field dominance for your video source you can use this for your encoding with Flip4Mac. Inside the Flip4Mac Video tab click on the Advanced button and you will see a window display with additional adjustment parameters for video. Notice that on toward the bottom of the Advanced Video settings window there is a section labeled Frame Format with an option for Input Type and Output Type.


For Input Type you need to input your Field Dominance for your video source as determined in the Compressor application. You will see an option for Progressive, Interlace - Upper Field First, and Lower Field First. Once you choose the appropriate pull-down your done. For Output Type for streaming you should have Progressive selected.

Learn more about the Flip4Mac compression tools from Telestream's www.flip4mac.com

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