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Editing To The Beat in Final Cut Pro

The slug generator and the Replace Edit function can assistant you in finding a visual rhythm for a piece of music you have laid down.

1 First, you must remap the Add Edit function to a key from the Keyboard Layout Menu. Go to Tools > Keyboard Layout > Customize.

2 Type in the words add edit into the search bar located in the upper right of the window in order to locate the function.


3 Unlock the Keyboard Layout by cliking on the lock icon at the bottom left corner of the window, then drag the Add Edit icon to a key to replace a function that you use the least. In this example, I have remapped my numeral 1 key. Close the Custom keybaord Layout menu.


4 Click on the generator menu, which is located in the lower right hand corner of the Viewer Window and choose the slug option. You will then see that slug has been loaded into the Viewer.


5 After you have laid down your music to an audio track, edit in the slug as you would any other clip, then use the A tool (the selection tool), to fully extend the slug. More than likely, the music that you have selected will be much longer than the slug. You can either extend the edit points for the slug clip in the viewer or keep editing in the slug clip to increase its length.

6 Lock your audio track(s).

7 Now you can press the space bar to play your audio track and hit the 1 key (or whatever key you mapped the add edit function to) to add an edit point on the fly as you find a rhythm to your music track. This will work best if have been previously familiar with the song that you are using and have become acquainted with its rhythmic variations.

8 When you press the space bar againg to stop playback, you will see that the Add Edit points have been placed into your slug track.


9 Place the timeline idicator bar in the middle of one of the slug clips, this will work best if you temporarily deactivate the Snapping capability in the timeline by pressing the N key, then load a video clip into the Viewer Window by double clicking on it in the Browser Window. Click the Replace Edit key and you will see that the slug where the position indicator was parked over has been replaced by the clip in the Viewer.


You can do this for all of the add edits you have created within the slug track, then use the Slip Tool along with various others to capture the action in the clips you have laid down and to fine-tune your sequence.

Learn how to use the Slip Tool and perform Ripple Editing in Final Cut Pro!.

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