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DV Scene Detection

One of the most important features of many non linear editing systems is the ability to understand DV metadata that contains time of day marks. Both Avid Xpress and Final Cut Pro have this feature.


In Final Cut Pro it is called DV Start Stop Detect. In Avid Xpress it is called DV Scene Extraction. The end result for both programs is the same.

However, there are a few limitations to this technology. Here they are:

There needs to be a change in time while the footage is being recorded. Hence, the camera operator must start and stop the camera between scenes.

Footage must originate on DV. Beta-Cam, Digital Beta-Cam will not work.

You must record your footage using a firewire cable directly into your editing system. Running the signal through a converter or using SDI will not work.

The time-clock (time of day clock) must be correctly functioning in your DV camera.

One interesting note, if you make a Direct DV to DV copy using a firewire cable, the meta data (DV Start Stop information) will be maintained.