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Creating Podcast Audio with QuickTime 7 Pro - Part 1

In this multi-part tutorial, I'll show the reader how to capture audio for their Podcast and convert it to a file ready for upload to a web server.

Step 1. Select Your Capture Device

A simple way to capture audio for your podcast is to use a USB Microphone. This will give you a very simple set-up. With QuickTime 7 Pro you can capture your audio but first you will need to set-up your capture device. In this tutorial I'll be detailing how this is done on the Mac platform.


Connect your USB Microphone to your USB input. Navigate to the System Preferences via the Apple pull-down menu. Under Hardware options select Sound. Inside the Sound options choose the Input tab and select your USB microphone. The reason that you might need to select this is because the internal microphone, if you have one, might be selected by default.

Step 2. Create a New Audio Recording


Now that you have set up your capture device it's time to capture some audio. To do this open up the QuickTime 7 Pro application and navigate to the File pull-down menu and select New Audio Recording

Step 3. Start Your Audio Capture


You will see a QuickTime media player titled Audio Recording. If you talk into your USB microphone you will notice an audio vu meter displayed. Click on the red button to start recording voice audio for your podcast. Now you can talk into your microphone.

Join us for Part 2 of Creating Podcast Audio with QuickTime 7 Pro as we cover trimming your captured audio.

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