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Creating a DVD with Final Cut Pro or Avid

Overview of creating or exporting a DVD from Avid Xpress or Final Cut Pro Here are some of the very basics regarding creating a DVD if you are a Final Cut Pro or Avid Xpress users. Lets start with the Avid Xpress software first.

Creating a DVD using Avid Xpress
Here is the bad news. If you are using the current version of Avid Xpress DV or Pro (meaning 4.5.1 or higher), then there is no ability to export an mpg2 file. You will notice that the option is now missing.

Worse yet, some popular DVD authoring programs such as Sonic's DVD-IT, only allow mpg2 file to be imported into it.

The solution is to purchase either Sorenson Squeeze or Media Cleaner. Both of these programs will allow you to convert a QuickTime movie into an mpg2 file.

Fortunately, it is not as difficult as it seems. First off, many DVD burners ship with some fairly easy to use generic DVD authoring software. Sonic makes some easy to use software that is bundled with many DVD burners called My-DVD.

Sonic My-DVD will accept a standard Quicktime movie, which will save you a step from having convert your final sequence into an mpg2 movie. The only catch is to make sure that you export your finished sequence as a DV-Stream before dropping the file into Sonic My-DVD. Otherwise the field playback of your DVD will be reversed which will produce a stuttering effect between fields if your video has any moving action. Better yet, if you are running Avid Xpress on a Macintosh, you can use I-DVD or DVD Studio Pro.

New for Avid Technology, they now sell a software bundle that includes, Sorenson Squeeze and Sonic DVD's authoring software. It is called the Avid Studio Bundle. This bundle is well worth purchasing if you plan on using your Avid Xpress software to make and create DVD's. Otherwise you will end up having to purchase Sonic DVD-IT, and Sorenson Squeeze seperately. The Studio Bundle for Avid integrates these applications so they work together without having to export and import between them.

Avid Technology has published an excellent document that will walk you through the process of creating an good quality DVD using Sorenson Compression Suite 4.1.

Creating a DVD using Final Cut Pro
If you are using Final Cut Pro, you will also notice that there is no mpg2 export option available.

The only way to install the mpg2 export option it to install DVD Studio Pro. Once DVD Studio Pro is installed, the option will appear within the Final Cut Pro export box.

However, it is not necessary to export an mpg2 file if you have I-DVD or DVD Studio Pro installed on your machine. For many novice users, I-DVD is going to do everything that you need.

I highly recommend purchasing or upgrading to Apple's I-LIFE bundle of applications. I-LIFE is bundled with Apple's consumer applications for making videos. I-DVD is worth the price of the I-LIFE bundle alone.

The steps are simple, simply export a standard full-rez Quicktime Movie. You can save it to your Desktop. Then drag each movie directly into the I DVD interface.

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