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Creating a Curved Path for Text in LiveType 2

When you first open LiveType, you will see within the Canvas Window a blue line representing an empty track. Type something into the Text Entry box located to the upper right of the Canavas In the Inspector Window.


Making a Curved Track

1 While pressing the control key or right clicking if you have a two button mouse, click anywhere on the blue line and choose Add Control Point from the menu that appears.

2 You can now drag the control point and the end points to create a new angle.

3 Control click or right click the new control point that you have just created and choose Curve In from the menu.

4 Drag the new point (Bezier Handle) to create a curve.

5 Right click or control click the original control point you created again and choose Curve In.

6 Adjust the new Bezier Handle.

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