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Cinelook 2 by DigiEffects

One of the most frequently asked questions circulating through the DV forums today has to be "How do I make my video look more like film?" There are many things on the current market that can help you achieve the film aesthetic. If you are shooting with a 24p camera, then you are already ahead of the game. One such powerful tool is the long awaited Cinelook 2 from DigiEffects. Version 2 will support Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects with faster render times.


The Film Motion plug-in has also been integrated into this version of Cinelook 2 allowing you to perform a believable simulation of 24 frames per second film playing on 60 fields per second video. This is great for producers who are not using a 24p camera in light of the fact that when shooting in 24pa (Advanced) a program like Final Cut Pro can perform the 3:2 pulldown during capture.

Interlace reduction and a built in color gradient has also been added to the mix. Support for a-typical frame rates such as 10, 12, and 16 FPS is also included as well as for PAL and NTSC sources.

If you will be using After Effects, you will have the choice of working with Cinelook 2 in a Custom User Interface or in the Standard Control Panel with the the Custom UI only available in A.E. Take a look at some of the extra plug-ins included with Cinelook 2:

Adaptive Grain
Banding Reducer
Bleach Bypass
Day for Night
Film Flash
Film Motion (built-in to CineLook2 or separate)
Gate Weave
Grain Reducer
Handwritten Text
Light Leaks
Soft Focus
Film Damage plug-in

DigiEffects plans to add six more plug-ins to the list.

Getting your video footage to look filmic will always be more than just capturing images at 24 frames per second and using great wares such as Cinelook2. Lighting, camera movement, and shot selection play an important role in the look we have all become accustomed to in our trips to the cinema. Not to mention a good story.

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