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Capture and Playback in Sorenson Squeeze 4.5 Valuable

Video capture and video playback in Sorenson Squeeze 4.5 are extremely valuable.

Video Capture


First, the ability to capture video right in the Squeeze application to DV.mov or DV.avi files is very important to workflow. Windows will capture to DV.avi files and Macs will capture to DV.mov files. For many that use AVID and Final Cut Pro systems they can save precious workflow time by going directly into Sorenson Squeeze 4.5 for web video, mobile video, Podcasts, or other video compression tasks. Individuals will need a video deck or DV camera connected by firewire to capture videos into Sorenson Squeeze. Once videos are captured users can import their videos into Squeeze and apply compression presets and filters as they normally would with video they import into the application.

Video Playback


Another key benefit that the Sorenson Squeeze application has is the ability to playback video right in the application interface. This allows users to get frame accurate In points and Out Points for compression jobs as well as see how various filters will look on output videos. This is really essential.

I came across an interesting feature while working on a batch compression job that had 6 Windows Media output files and 6 QuickTime output files. Sorenson Squeeze allows the ability to take one video source and chop it up into individual segments by applying the same preset over and over. Each preset can then have a different In Point and Out Point. However, that's not what I learned. What I did learn was that if you have to do the process over and over again of setting and In Point and Out Point Squeeze nicely parks the playhead where you need it to be for the your next video segment.

For example if I have a video that is 30 minutes long. I can break this video into 3 individual segments.

Segment 1 - In Point :00 Out Point: 10:00
Segment 2 - In Point 10:01 Out Point: 20:00
Segment 3 - In Point 20:01 Out Point: 30:00

So as the Out Point is set for Segment 1 when you go to adjust the trim for Segment 2 by going to the next applied preset the correct In Point for Segment 2 will only be 1 frame away. Probably not a big deal with one or two clips but it's be extremely valuable if you have 12 output files to create or even it you had 20 or 30.

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