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Batch Export From Final Cut Pro

The Batch Export capability is very useful if you need to export many clips and sequences to various formats and settings. Each clip or sequence in the Eport Quque can have its own bin and independent export settings. You could export multiple sequences as Quicktime movies containing different dimensions if you wanted to.

1 Select all of the bins, sequences and clips you want to export from within the Browser Window. Keep in mind that you can choose items from multiple projects.

2 Go to File > Batch Export and the Export Queque will open.


3 Press Command B to create a new bin and drag new clips from the browser to the bins in the Export Queque if additional clips are desired.

4 Click on the Settiing tab to mark your export settings.

5 Set the destination of your export by clicking on the Set Destination button.


6 Pick the desired file format from the Format list.

7 Pick a preset setting from the Settings list. The selections you see in this list are contingent upon the file format you chose earlier.

8 Configure additional settings, if you are given the opportunity, by clicking on the Options Tab. Whether you are given the option to use the Options tab is contingent upon settings you have made earlier in this process such as the selection of a file format.

9 Click on naming options to create a custom file extension. You can choose Strip Existing Extension in order to add your own custom extension. You can add a custom extension by typing it into the entry box to the right or choose whether or not the default extension for the export will be attached to the name of the file.


10 If your chosen format is a Quicktime Movie, you will be given the option to export Audio or Video or both. You will also be prompted to choose which type of Quicktime movie you wish to export. If your exported material has transitions between media, you will have to recompress.

If you have set a range in a sequence, via in an out points, for this export, then choose Use Item In/Out or the entire sequence will be exported.

11 Click OK twice for your settings to be accepted, then click Export in the Export Queque Window.

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