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Avid Marquee Training basic animation

Avid Marquee can be a mystery to many Avid editors. It's really a seperate application within itself, but yet tightly integrated with Avid Xpress and Media Composer.


The problem is, learning Marquee can be a daunting task. Marquee is an incredibly powerful program allowing for true extruded 3D characters with 3D lighting effects.

This short marquee training tutorial will show you how to create and animate a basic 3D title.

The first step, is to click on the Marquee text tool.


Then go ahead and type some text in the middle of the Canvas area.


You'll see a red bounding box that surrounds your type. If your text starts to word-warp, just expand the area of the bounding box so it becomes one line of text.

marquee_edit_tool_icon.gif Click back onto the Marquee edit tool.

Find the Marquee Quick Titles Properties box, choose a base color and turn on 'enable lighting' and 'enable gradient'. You should see your text change to the selected color.


Navigave to the Windows menu, and select properties-effect.


Within the effect propeties box, add an extrusion depth between 5 and 10.


This will give your text some 3D depth. You might want to Click on the Marquee rotate tool and rotate your text back on it's 'y' axis so you can see the 3D extrusion.

Next, navigate to the toolsets menu (F4) and select 'Basic Animation'.


Now make sure your blue position indicator within the Avid Marquee timeline is placed at the very beginning.


orbit_button.gif Click on the Marquee orbit tool, and then rotate your title on it's X axis until it rests on it's edge at a 90% rotation.


Next, turn on the red animation icon within the Marquee tool palette.


Then move your position indicator to the 2:00 mark within the Avid Marquee timeline.


Now use the orbit tool, and rotate your title back to it's original x-axis position. Then turn off the red animation icon. Back up and play the timeline. That's it!

Last step is to save your title.


Marquee will being rendering your animation, and will prompt you to save once again into a specific Avid bin.


When finished, you'll be able to place your Avid Marquee title onto V2 which will automatically key over media that you've placed on V1.

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