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Avid: Edit to your HDV Device!


I have been pulling my hair out for the past week trying to figure out how to play my 720p HD Avid timeline back into my JVC BR-HD50 deck. Everything I have read, everyone I have talked to says the only way to get your HD project back out on to tape is to run through an Avid Adrenaline. Well, knowing whenever there is a will there is always a way, I stumbled across something in the clip menu! It is called Export to HDV device. This is an amazing feature that I wish was highly publicized. All you do is edit your program into your timeline, make sure your deck or camera is hooked up and ready to go, enable all of your tracks, mark an in and out and go to Clip>Export to HDV Device. The Export to HDV Device dialog box lets you create a transport stream file. You cannot use the standard Digital Cut tool to output HDV. You must use a separate IEEE 1394 card to output the transport stream file back to the HDV device. You can export an entire sequence or the marked section between IN and OUT points. Follow these directions and watch the magic begin!
To export the HDV material to an HDV device:

1.Select the sequence or marked section.

2.Select Clip > Export to HDV Device
The Export to HDV Device dialog box opens.


Select options as described in Export to HDV Device Settings, and click OK.
The transport stream file is created or saved, if you used an existing transport stream.

I have also included a basic workflow for an HDV project:

1.Select one of the following Avid project types depending on the format in which your HDV camera records:
1080i/59.94 HDV
1080i/50 HDV
720p/29.97 HDV
2.Do one of the following:
Capture HDV material.
Import an HDV file.
The media is brought in as one video track and two 48-kHz audio tracks.

3.Edit the material.

4.Select the sequence.

5.Output the sequence back to the HDV device using the Export to HDV Device dialog box.

You can also export the file in other formats or use Windows Media 9 for export to a third-party HD-DVD authoring system

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