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An Overview of Podcasting - Part 1


With the emergence of iPods and iTunes, Podcasting has has taken off big time. It's hard for many to grasp the technology and understand how to get started creating their own podcast so I have provided this overview. In this article I will highlight some tools and websites that will get you started with created you own Podcast. This write-up won't be a comprehensive tutorial but will be geared towards getting you looking in the right direction. This article will be divided into four sections: Creating a Blog, Making Your Blog Podcast Friendly, Preparing a Blog for iTunes, and Tools for Creating Podcasts.

Creating a Blog

As you look into Podcasting whether you choose to do a Video Podcast or an Audio Podcast you will need to first create a Blog. A Podcast is really a feature of a Blog where you have a URL link to a downloadable audio or video file. This is why Video Podcasting is often referred to as Video Blogging. The audio or video file, which is downloadable is uploaded to your Web Server where you normally place your web pages. Here's an example of what your URL link might look like when you add it to your Blog.

Sample URL


Once you upload your video or audio file to your Web Server you should determine what the path to your video is similar to the above example.

Many Blog services and tools surrounding Podcasting are available for free. In fact, creating a Blog and hosting your video and audio can be free as well. Tools that you can use for capturing audio into your workstation are also available for free. You'll just have to take time to learn how to use a lot of the technology. Many of these tools will be listed in part 4 of this article.

A nice service for creating a Blog is called Blogger located at www.Blogger.com. You can use this service to set up your Blog or multiple Blogs after creating an account. When you are setting up a Blog you will able to create the look for your Blog as well as provide additional features to your Blog. Blogger is definitely a cool service.

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