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Adding Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro

The pressure is on for Hollywood! With the availability of such powerful software as Avid, Final Cut Pro, Motion and DVD Studio Pro, you have the ability to edit high-end productions and package them at a quality that is indistinguishable from the industry elite.

DVD Studio Pro Interface.jpg

Adding subtitles to your DVD in DVD Studio Pro is not as difficult as one might think:

1. Start by writing a simple text document (Example: Word Pad or Text Edit) using timecode to signify in and out points when the subtitle appears and disappears.

2. Go to the track's timeline then control-click on one of the subtitle tracks. Select 'Import Subtitle File' from the menu. Your text document will then be broken down into individual subtitles placed in relation to the in and out points you specified.

3. Preview to see how they work by using the simulator.