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June 2006 Archives


GeniusDV is featured in the Flip4Mac customer showcase along with many other companies, organizations and individuals that use Flip4Mac products. The write-up in the showcase highlights how GeniusDV takes advantage of the capabilities to encode Windows Media content on the Mac using Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro HD.


Read more about GeniusDV and their use of Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro HD in Video Streaming and Compression classes

Find out when the next Video Streaming and Compression class is at GeniusDV

Purchase Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro HD

Great news for Avid Xpress Pro users, 5.5 is now shipping providing HD capabilities for both PC and MAC platforms. Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 supports native HDV and DVCPro HD. You'll be able to mix HDV, DVCPRO HD and Avid DNxHD formats with SD and DV in the same sequence. This version also ships with custom music creation software.


Just a side note, If you are new to video editing and are in the market for a editing machine, but don't know if you want to go Avid Xpress Pro or Final Cut Pro, why not do both? We are constantly inquired by producers who are just beginning their careers and can't make up their minds. What I usually tell them is that a Mac will give you the option of using both great programs, unless for some reason you detest Macs. When Apple fixes the bugs with the new Mactel's ability to run Xpress Pro on Windows, then it's an even easier decision. Give me a Mac or a PC and a good script and I'm happy!


For all of you Final cut Pro users out there, Furnace is a collection of 30 new image processing plug-ins for Apple Shake. In this package you'll find grain removers, a multi-point tracker. Take a look at what you can expect from Furnace:

WireRemoval, RigRemoval, Kronos, Steadiness, DeFlicker, DeGrain, ReGrain, Tile, PixelTexture, BlockTexture, ChannelRepair, ColourMatte, DirtRemoval, EdgeMatte, MotionRepair, ScratchRepair, SmartFill, SmartPlate, SmartZoom, ColourAlign, DeBlur, DeNoise, Depth, MatchGrade, MatteToRoto, MotionBlur, MotionMatte, PlanarPatcher, Splicer, Tracker

Just in case you have'nt heard, Shake has a new price check out this article about this huge drop in price!

For many the task of compressing video and audio can be difficult and confusing but Rhozet's Carbon Coder makes video and audio compression easy.


Carbon Coder is an high quality compression tool that allows for advanced user editing and also has a Wizard that acts as a stand alone application geared to make encoding simple and hassle free. The Wizard interface in Carbon Coder is just COOL! I had so much fun using the Wizard. The Wizard asks the user questions as he or she clicks through the dialog windows. Carbon Coder uses pre-built high quality presets for encoding based on user responses to questions. When you come to the window that asks you what kind of video you would like to create you get the following options:

Web Video
CD-ROM Video
HD(High Definition)
E-mail Attachment
Video Editing


Nero StartSmart

With the Nero 7 Ultra Edition suite there is a need to be able to navigate around the various applications to perform needed tasks. This is done with Nero's StartSmart. Tasks are broken up into different modules so as each module is selected in StartSmart users can see the available tasks. The sections that are available in Nero StartSmart are Audio, Photo and Video, Data, Favorites, Backup and Extras. The interface has a pull-down menu that allows you to select the optical media you are working with. The options are CD, DVD or CD/DVD. Various options are made available as the optical media selection is made.

Having the Nero StartSmart really helps navigation because there is a wide range of tasks that the Nero 7 Ultra Edition suite can perform. As I covered in part 1 of this series, Nero 7 Ultra Edition is a suite that has a numerous amount of applications that come with it. Nero StartSmart provides the necessary assistance in getting to those applications. This way users will not have to open each application manually.

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Purchase Streaming & Compression Tools from GeniusDV E-store

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The new transfer software by Sony is for OS X version 10.4 Tiger and will allow for native interoperability between the XDCAM HD Disc system and Final Cut Pro. The software is free and you can get it here: www.sony.com/xdcamhd.

Both Sony and Apple kick off a 12 city demonstration tour that begins today in Dallas and Miami. Here are some of the cities you can plan to attend the Apple sponsored event:

Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. area; New York; Atlanta; Chicago; Detroit; San Diego; and Minnetonka, Minnesota.



Nero Express

Nero Express is another application found within the Nero 7 Ultra Edition suite. You can use the tool to create data CDs and DVDs, copy ing CDs or DVDs, and creating video CDs. Express allows you to make WMA CDs, MP3 CDs, Audio CDs and Nero Digital CDs. Nero Express also supports VCD/SVCD menu creation and has supports DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW.

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CHV Electronics is offering their entire bundle of FCP and Express plugins as one collection. That is 118 plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and 136 for Final Cut Express. This entire bundle is Universal so need to worry if you're using a PowerMac or a Mactel computer. To sweeten the deal, the repair line of plug-ins have been thrown in for free. Take a look at what you get:

The Repair-collection
The Morph-collection
The Text-collection V4.1
The Time-collection V4.1
The Film-Filter
The AlphaWipe-collection
The Clone and Paint-collection
The Keyframe-collection
The MotionTracker-collection
The Bezier Garbage Matte Pro
The 3D-collection
The Distortion-collection
The Color-collection
The Starters-collection
Silk and Fog

If you want a detailed list of every plug-in that comes in the bundle, take a look here at the CHV Electronics webpage.


Pro HD copy.gif

In today’s world of broadcast you need to be thinking ahead of the curve. The main issues today is most stations that want HD also want the SD down convert or you may want to shoot in HD for archive purposes without and HD output. If you are stepping up to HDV and you want the advantages of shooting progressive HD footage then you have a few extra steps you need to take when editing in Avid if your output is standard definition. I now shoot with the new JVC HD-GY100U. This phenomenal camera takes high quality 720P pictures with vibrant color and clarity. You have the option of shooting is HD or DV but I have opted to shoot in 720 30P. This makes for the highest quality image and allows me to archive all of my footage in HDV. The main problem I run into is that my final output needs to be SD. There are many ways around this issue but I have discovered the best on that works for me. If you edit in the 720P mode in Avid you cannot output to 30i, this is a huge issue once you are done editing your program. The GY100U has a built in down convert to SD but it stretches the image. So I uses that cameras SD down convert and make a copy of my raw footage into my Sony DSR-11. I then bring that footage into the Avid and use the reformat effect to return to the 16x9 format. Making this conversion has it’s own set of problems (no DV scene extraction, ect.) This takes one extra step but I still have my original footage in HD format for future use.


Nero 7 Ultra Edition

I had a chance to go through the Nero 7 Ultra Edition suite and I now see why the product won a 2006 World Class Award from PC World. The tool is amazing and I believe it's a multimedia super tool for the PC for copying CDs and DVDs, encoding audio, making movies, creating slideshows, viewing DVD Videos and a host of other multimedia creation tasks.

The Nero 7 Ultra Edition suite includes a host of applicatons which are too many to talk about in one write-up. Therefore I'll be providing a multi-part article that will give readers a good overview of some of the features of Nero.

In this Part 1 I provide an overview of Nero ShowTime.

Windows Media Player 10 allows users to easily rip audio files from an Audio CD. Many individuals are probably already using this feature but if you're not you should consider it. You can rip the audio off the CD into .WMA and .MP3 formats. For Windows Media audio the media player has the option to output into Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Audio (Variable Bit Rate), and Windows Media Audio Lossless. Users can even adjust the audio quality for their desired output format.

If you like Windows Media 10 you will really like Windows Media 11. The Media is available in beta test form Microsoft.com

Visit the download Page for Windows Media Player 10

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There is a lot of confusion circulating around the discussion forums on the topic of finding an efficient way to extract material from a DVD to import into Final Cut Pro for re-editing. After doing some research, I found such a ware that will allow you to read the dvd > set in and out points for the scenes that you want > and extract that video in a format that can be taken into Final Cut Pro and Avid. If you already have pre-existing VOB files, you can read them through DVDXDV and extract from them as well. Keep in mind that this ware is for Macs only.


DVDXDV Pro will allow you to extract high quality audio and video from a DVD to be used in Final Cut Pro and Avid. Their are two versions of this software, DVDXDVPro ($80), which is the more robust version of the program that will allow the reversal of the original interlaced field ordering of a DVD, widescreen resizing, 3:2 pulldown removal, and multi-channel audio export.

DVDXDV ($25) is being marketed more to the home video crowd and not the video professional. It will allow you to kick out a quicktime file with all audio in this version being exported as a stereo mix, it also allows for video cropping and resizing and field order reversing. There is also an "Expert Settings" option in the Export dialog that will allow you to manipulate compression settings.

After downloading the trial version of DVDXDV Pro, I was very impressed with the ease of use of this program. After purchasing the software, you are given a download link and a key and I imported some extremely high quality audio and Video into Final Cut Pro and Avid from this ware!


If you find yourself needing to use material from premade non-encrypted dvds, you should really give DVDXDV Pro and DVDXDV serious consideration. If you have Quicktime 6 or later,click here to see a video sample of the process of how you get DVD material into Final Cut Pro. Download the free trial version and see if its right for you!

*It should also be noted that there is an incredible product called streamclip. It is one of the few free programs that is available for both PC and MAC that will convert an mpg2 file or DVD into a single quicktime movie with the audio intact.


Tools for Creating Podcasts

I hope you have enjoyed our series on Podcasting. Now it's time to discuss the tools that will help you with creating your Podcast. Some items are free but others have a cost associated with them.


This tool is available for free on the Windows and Mac platforms and allows you to capture audio with a USB microphone and then edit the recorded audio tracks. You can edit your captured audio into desired audio segments similar to the way you work in a non-linear editor. Once your audio is edited you can export it as an MP3 file to upload to your website. Visit http://audacity.sourceforge.net to download Audacity.

Sorenson Squeeze

Use Squeeze to take audio from an audio or video file for compression to an MPEG-4 or MP3 audio file for you Podcast listeners.
The Squeeze compression defaults for MP3 encoding are sufficient for creating high quality audio for your Podcast. Files can be uploaded to your Web Server after compression. Visit www.SorensonMedia.com to purchase Sorenson Squeeze.


Using Gcast you can actually call a guest to interview them for a Podcast and record your conversation with them. The service will capture an audio file of your discussion an upload it to the Gcast Web Servers. You can even record yourself on the go with Gcast. When you set up an account on their website, you can call into to a Toll-free number to create a Podcast post. The service is available for FREE at www.Gcast.com


Preparing a Blog for iTunes

Smartcast is one of the cool features of FeedBurner if you are trying to make you Podcast available to thousands. Smartcast allows you to add information about your webcast as though you were submitting it to the Apple iTunes Podcast Directory. If you are wanting to submit a Podcast to iTunes think about the following:

Podcast name
Graphic image to be seen in Podcast Directory
Podcast description
Podcast Search Keywords
Podcast Author

You can add all of the above elements in FeedBurner. Thinking ahead about this features will allow others the ability to easily find your Podcast and make it appear the way you desire to see it in the Apple iTunes Podcast Directory.

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Podcasting and iTunes Frequently Asked Questions

Podcasting and iTunes Technical Specification


Making Your Blog Podcast Friendly

After making a Blog, if you want to do Podcasting you must make your Blog Podcast friendly. You can do this with another great FREE service called FeedBurner. Just create an account at www.FeedBurner.com and provide the name of the feed to your Blog. FeedBurner walks you through all the details of burning your Blog. Burning your Blog essentially means to give your Blog life and allow it to get the attention of many. The burning process also allows it to appear as a Podcast. The FeedBurner service gets your Podcast ready for the masses and allows you to customize many features of your delivery. One of the benefits of a service like FeedBurner is that it helps provide the necessary enclosures for video and audio files if you are doing Podcasting. The service also helps you to track subscribers and viewing statistics for your Podcast.

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With the emergence of iPods and iTunes, Podcasting has has taken off big time. It's hard for many to grasp the technology and understand how to get started creating their own podcast so I have provided this overview. In this article I will highlight some tools and websites that will get you started with created you own Podcast. This write-up won't be a comprehensive tutorial but will be geared towards getting you looking in the right direction. This article will be divided into four sections: Creating a Blog, Making Your Blog Podcast Friendly, Preparing a Blog for iTunes, and Tools for Creating Podcasts.

Creating a Blog

As you look into Podcasting whether you choose to do a Video Podcast or an Audio Podcast you will need to first create a Blog. A Podcast is really a feature of a Blog where you have a URL link to a downloadable audio or video file. This is why Video Podcasting is often referred to as Video Blogging. The audio or video file, which is downloadable is uploaded to your Web Server where you normally place your web pages. Here's an example of what your URL link might look like when you add it to your Blog.

Sample URL


Once you upload your video or audio file to your Web Server you should determine what the path to your video is similar to the above example.

Many Blog services and tools surrounding Podcasting are available for free. In fact, creating a Blog and hosting your video and audio can be free as well. Tools that you can use for capturing audio into your workstation are also available for free. You'll just have to take time to learn how to use a lot of the technology. Many of these tools will be listed in part 4 of this article.

A nice service for creating a Blog is called Blogger located at www.Blogger.com. You can use this service to set up your Blog or multiple Blogs after creating an account. When you are setting up a Blog you will able to create the look for your Blog as well as provide additional features to your Blog. Blogger is definitely a cool service.

Featured Podcast:
The DV Show

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Great news for all of you Final Cut Studio users. Today, Apple has announced that its unified 2D and 3D compositor, Shake 4.1 Universal, will now be priced at 499 dollars as opposed to 2,999. Shake Universal 4.1 will run on Both Power PC and Intel Platforms and offers 32 bit float Keylight and Primatte Keyers to Open GL accelerated 3D multiplane compositing.


Here are some of the key features of Shake 4.1:

Unified 2D and 3D compositing: Multi-plane compositing is integrated directly into the node view so you can jump from 2D paint, rotoscoping and image processing into a 3D layered composite.

Advanced Image Processing: Includes shape-base morphing and warping, optical flow-based retiming, auto-align, and smoothcam and tracking

Open Customizable Architecture: Internal C-like scripting language and macros.

Shake 4.1 is now shipping.

Focus Enhancements has announced that they have been working closely with Canon to develop the FireStore FS-C HD60 and FS-C HD100 DTE devices for tapeless acquisition with the Canon XLH1 HD cam. Just as the names suggest, the 60 will provide 60 gigs of recording time and the 100, you guessed it, 100 gigs of capacity. This series recorders will allow videographers to record HD footage in .m2t files and in DV mode, file support for Avid OMF, Quicktime, Canopus AVI, Matrox AVI and more.

Canonxl H1.jpg

Expect 4 1/2 hours of HD 1080i or DV25 recording time form the FS-C HD60 and 7 1/2 from the FS-C HD100.

On account of their being very little information floating around out there about these new devices, I was unable to find any pictures of the units. The FS-C series is expected to hit shelves this July.

Yet another tapeless option for the hardworking Avid Xpress Pro and Final Cut Pro Producer.

Avid Express Pro attic.gif

Avid has a great way to save the day if you either mess up your project, if something becomes corruptor if you just need to go back to an older version of a sequence. This great tool is called the Avid attic. The attic provides you with a history of versions of your bins. If you manually save or auto save your bins are backed up in the attic. The biggest misconception of the attic is that is will bring back deleted media. The attic does not make copies of your media; it just saves versions of you sequences and clips information. If you delete the raw media you cannot retrieve it in the attic. The other thing you need to be aware of is the attic saves a default of 30 files; this is fine if your frequency of saves is 60 minutes or more but I like to save at least every 20 minutes so I like to bump my number to around 100. This allows me to go deep if I need to retrieve from a very old version. Just remember the attic is a great place to retrieve your lost clips and sequences but it will not bring back deleted media.

Whether you are a loyal Panasonic HVX200 fan or just curious as to which HD cam to spring for, Panasonic has a great new microsite at panasonic.com that is all things HVX. This is a great opportunity for all of you Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro users to see what other people are doing with the HVX and to witness how it is being applied in the real world. If you're into pro videography, news gathering, independent filmmaking, HD production, or education, this site gives great information on the practicality of the HVX in each discipline. There are also in-depth reviews of the operability of the HVX from working producers who are using the camera in the field on a daily basis. This site is a treasure trove of HVX information.


If you are a fan of the Panasonic line of cameras or just an independent filmmaker in general, you also need to check out DVXUser.com. This site has to be one of the most comprehensive and active places on the internet for the independent filmmaking community. Whether you are loyal to Cannon, JVC, Sony, this online community is talking about it. The examples of other peoples projects is reason enough to check out dvxuser.com.

For all of you Avid Xpress Pro and Final Cut pro editors out there who also dabble in 3D animation, Thinking Particles 2.0 is an Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in that works quite differently than most of its competition. 2.0 is a rule based particle emitter, as opposed to an event-based particle emitter, for Autodesk's 3D Studio Max. Event based particle emitters work just as the name suggests, they rely on triggers and time based events to determine particle behavior. Plane and simple, Thinking Particles 2.0 is free of constraints and lets you create the rules that govern all aspects of a particles life.


Thinking Particles 2.0 ships with 90 minutes of training videos created that were created by industry professionals, an in-depth set of tutorials and a comprehensive online reference guide. There is also a great web forum called ThinkingParticles2World for anyone who wants to converse directly with the professionals who helped test and shape this powerful visual effects tool.

Thinking Particles is run on the PC format and is shipping for around 1,295 dollars.

Avid Keyboard shortcuts.jpg

Knowing the keyboard shortcuts for any given program will greatly increase your workflow speed. Over the next week I want to give you the most shortcuts that you will need to know for your Avid NLE to become a fast an efficient editor. The audio shortcuts are some of the most underused shortcuts but very useful. This shortcuts are not only shortcuts but also very necessary for performing the task at hand.

1.Alt + click Pan slider Snaps to Mid in Audio Mixer tool
2.Alt + click Volume slider Snaps to 0 dB in Audio EQ and Audio tool
3.Alt + click Audio Track Monitor button Selects track for audio scrub monitoring
4.Ctrl + click Audio Track Monitor button Solos the audio track
5.Alt + click Track Solo button (Automation Gain tool) or Alt + numbers 1 through 8 at top of keyboard Mutes the selected track
6.Alt + drag keyframe Moves selected audio keyframe horizontally in Timeline
7.Alt + click digital scrub parameters Opens Audio Settings dialog box

Stay tuned for more great shortcuts and do not forget to sign up for one of our up and coming Avid classes!

The official dates for the 16th annual WEVA Expo 2006 is August 21rst through the 24th with the doors opening at 5:30 pm on Monday at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Here is some of what you will find at this year's event: over 70 seminars on wedding and event video, camera clinics, workshops, system training, live demonstrations of new technology, workflow management, power marketing, portable video concepts, best internet strategies, opportunities to network and off course a great trade Show.


If your dream is to turn your investment in Avid Xpress Pro, Final Cut Pro and personal training into a profit, you should really give WEVA a close look.

For all of you visual effects junkies who may be using After Effects or Motion, the 8th annual Festival of Visual Effects is just around the corner. If you are going to be in the Hollywood area around the dates of July sixth through the eighth, this is a great opportunity to see how the big boys and girls do visual effects. This is a three day event for the visual effects community that will feature Academy Award winning speakers, workshops, and panel discussions covering some of the industries hottest new technology. The latest visual effects intensive films such as Superman Returns, Cars, and Xmen: The Last Stand will be the topics of discussion as well as the historical achievements of visual effects and what to look for in the future of film and television in the realm of VFX.


Some new additions to this years Festival are: VFX entertainment vendors, experimental films as well as international and student produced films.

If you're crazy about visual effects, it sounds like early July is a good time to be taking a vacation!

The creators of some of the Best Adobe After Effects plug-ins have updated their powerful 3D particle system known to the motion graphics world as Particular. New features to the plug-in are Depth of Field, Motion Path, and Particle Count.

Check out what this means for you:


Depth of Field: is useful to generally increase realism or to match footage shot with a real camera where Depth of Field is apparent.


Motion Path: is useful when precise control of the particle path is needed.


Particle count: is useful when trying to optimize a render, always try to keep both numbers as low a possible.

For More Info Visit Trapcode's Official Website

Also check out the animation Douglas Martin did for the Discovery Channel for a great example of Particular in action:


View QuickTime


Having the ability to record directly to the Avid OMF format is a huge timesaving advantage. Focus Enhancements produces camera mounted hard drives for direct editing. Not only to you get direct to edit but also you get the security of recording to tape and hard drive simultaneously. Weighing about one pound and only 1.5 inches thick, the FireStore Portable DTE Recorder brings Direct To Edit Technology to your DV or HDV handheld camcorder featuring an IEEE 1394 interface. Whether mounted directly to your camcorder or clipped to your belt, the DTE is designed to excel in the field and back in the editing suite. Focus produces various versions of the FS-4. The models include the DR-HD100 made specifically for the JVC GY-HD100. When in DV mode, files are recorded to disk as RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type 2 24p, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime, QuickTime 24p, Avid OMF, or Pinnacle AVI, or to 720p MPEG-2 transport streams (.m2t) when in HD mode. I own this unit and it is by far the best investment you can make. Focus just now released the FS-100 to mate with the Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2. This unit also includes DVCPRO. Make your next purchase a DTE from Focus Enhancements and save yourself time and money.

If you were thinking about purchasing one of the shiny new MacBooks to run Final Cut Studio on you may be in for quite a surprise. According to Apple, due to the integrated graphics processor in the MacBook, the Final Cut Pro Universal Crossgrade is not supported. This also goes for Motion and other Final Cut Studio Apps. Apple says that although the Universal Crossgrade installer allows for the installation to take place, the MacBook's integrated graphics processor does not allow for float processing and therefore Final Cut Pro along with other Final Cut Studio applications will suffer significant degradation in performance and other issues.


If you are not familiar with the new Apple laptops, keep in mind that this is the MacBook we are talking about, NOT the MacBook Pro. Hopefully, the Next generation of MacBooks will have these issues worked out.

It's Jerry Time is a humorous animated blog of a 46 year old man from Buffalo, New York simply known as Jerry. What is oh so special about this particular blog is that each episode is totally done Adobe After Fx! When I first caught wind of the site I thought to myself this is odd but I found it to be quite entertaining. The show was even nominated in the first annual iPod Emmy Awards.


Each episode is created in a about 2-3 weeks using nothing more than digital photos, clip art, and good 'ole After Effects. If you want to see a great examples of the Parenting techniques in Adobe AE check out a few episodes and make one of your own! Happy Animating!

Check Out: It Jerry Time!

The Big Mini DV Film Festival is a two day event celebrating the talents of animators, documentary filmmakers, independent visual artists, and narratives works made in the mini-dv and HD-DV format. The event is hosted by the Media Arts Department of Long Isaland University-Brooklyn Campus and the dates for this year's festival is November 10 & 11th. The submission deadline is September first so get to work Avid Xpress Pro and Final Cut Pro Artists!

Get your entry form here.

Location: Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus. The exact time and location have yet to be set.


RED 3GL by Boris FX, a leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, is designed specifically for editors and provides sophisticated 2d and 3D compositing, advanced titling, paint, and rotoscoping ability to over twenty NLEs. If you are a Final Cut Pro or Avid Xpress user make sure that the version you are running is compatible with RED GL with the Boris Compatibility Matrix.


Here are some of the key features as listed by Boris FX:

Open GL accelerated effects creation and playback

Advanced 2D and 3D compositing with unlimited layers

high quality keying, masking, mattes and Apply Modes

Motion tracking, corner pinning and image stabilization

Intersect any 3D shape including planes, spheres or extruded text

Vector paint and rotoscoping with precise controls

Over 110 filters including Wire Remover, Film Grain and Match

Superior 2D and 3D titling

Vector text for razor-sharp display at any scale

Dowload the full 14 day trial version here.

Check out what RED 3GL can do!

Avid Keyboard shortcuts.jpg

Knowing the keyboard shortcuts for any given program will greatly increase your workflow speed. Over the next week I want to give you the most shortcuts that you will need to know for your Avid NLE to become a fast an efficient editor. The bin shortcuts are very important shortcuts to know and utilize. Here is the list of general bin shortcuts:

Ctrl + N Creates new bin
Ctrl + A Selects all items in a bin or project
Ctrl + W Closes the open window or dialog box
Ctrl + P Prints active bin
Ctrl + D Duplicates selected clip, sequence, or title
Ctrl + I Opens Console window
Shift + Ctrl + click Bin Menu Alternates Relink and Unlink commands in the Bin menu
Alt + drag clips between bins Copies clips instead of moving them

Stay tuned for more great shortcuts and do not forget to sign up for one of our up and coming Avid classes!


If you are in the need to compress VOB files to formats such DV/DV50, AVI, QuickTime, or MPEG-4 then MPEG Streamclip is just the tool to do it. The tool is extremely easy to use and comes in Windows and Mac flavors. While MPEG Streamclip sports a numerous amount of pre-processing features such as: cropping, deinterlacing, along with quality, contrast, brightness, and volume adjustments. As a freeware tool MPEG Streamclip has become very popular and currently is 8th on the list for top video downloads on Apple.com for Mac related software.

Learn More about MPEG streamclip and other Supported Video and Audio input formats

Other Links:

Purchase Streaming & Compression Tools from GeniusDV E-store

Listen to the GeniusDV: Streaming Media Podcast


A came across an excellent on-line reference for video and audio format extensions. The website is is at www.RiverPast.com and you can get details about various file format extensions for video and audio. Not only are the various options for the file format listed but each page with listed extensions provides a short definition of the file format. The website is an excellent reference to bookmark or save as a favorite.

Here's a listing of video and audio file format and extensions available on the RiverPast website:

MPEG Audio
OGG Vorbis

View the RiverPast on-line resource for QuickTime, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AIFF, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, Real Media, and other Video and Audio File Format Extensions


In late May, Avid kicked of its Liquid Big Splash Tour showcasing their powerful SD and HD Avid Liquid line of editing solutions that combine integrated DVD authoring, 5.1 audio processing, and thousands of effects. If you are an Avid Xpress Pro artist and entertaining the idea of moving to a new Avid editor or if you are just unfamiliar with this NLE, this is a great opportunity to see if Liquid is for you. This is a firsthand look at this power application. Here is a sneak of what you'll see on the tour as posted by Avid:

Multi-format editing: Mix DV, SD, MPEG, Windows Media, DIVX, HDV, and more, all in the same timeline, without transcoding.

Integrated audio: Samrtsound editing allows you to add audio directly to the timeline and quickly create soundtracks from a library of music styles. Real-time surround mixing for 5.1 mixes for your DVD.

DVD authoring: Add titles and effects, create and customize menus and navigation, and then create a finished DVD with a complete DVD authoring toolset

Incredible effects: Sophisticated color correction, dynamic timewarp effects, and 1000s of combination are all possible.

Optional I/O: An extensive range of fully integrated hardware options for guaranteed, high-quality performance

Learn how you can get even more value with the Big Splash Bundle: Hollywood FX Pro, Title Deko Pro, and Magic Bullet Movie Looks. Included FREE with Avid Liquid for a limited time.

Check out dates and locations and even register for the Big Splash Tour right here. Are you ready to take the plunge?

If NAB 2006 got your creative juices flowing, and if all of you Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro editors are looking for another venue to go and check out some of Film and Video's latest technology, the 2006 Cine Gear Expo may be exactly what you're looking for. The Cine Gear Film, Video and Digital Media Expo is in its tenth year and is being held at the Wasdsworth Theatre and Grounds in West Los Angeles on June 23-24 and there will be plenty of stuff for you to play with. The Expo is geared towards industry professionals and is complete with a seminar series for the Hollywood post production community, networking opportunities for you to pick the brains of some of the industrie's most leading professionals and last but not least, a chance to get some hands on time with the hardware and software you've been gawking at online. Take a look at some of the events for this year's Cine Gear Expo.

If you can't make it out to the West Coast, Cine Gear Expo Miami will be held in November 2006.

Registration is now open for the Los Angeles event.


GeniusDV now has an E-guide available for purchase to assist those interested in getting a step-by-step tutorial on how to author Windows Media content. Tools such as: Flip4Mac, FlipFactory, Sorenson Squeeze, Compression Master, ProCoder, and Windows Media Encoder can compress your video files. However, for many it's hard to know what to do once their file is compressed to the Windows Media format. This 25 page .PDF E-guide makes simple getting your files streaming from your Windows Media Streaming Server or Real Networks Helix Streaming Server. The guide even helps with embedding Windows Media WMV and WMA streaming files in a web page.


Here are some of the topics covered in the E-guide:

The Difference Between a Web Server and Streaming Server
Setting up FTP to a Web Server and Streaming Server
Understanding Local Files and Remote Files
How to Upload a Web Page
Designating a URL Path to Windows Media Streaming Files
Authoring Windows Media Using .ASX meta files

The GeniusDV E-guide for Authoring Windows Media Content includes:

Pre-made HTML templates for embedding Windows Media streaming media
Support for Dreamweaver MX and 8 users
A Pre-made template for creating .ASX files

Purchase the E-guide for Authoring Windows Media Streaming Content


QuickTime Pro is an essential tool for creating 3GPP and 3GPP2 content. 3GPP video and audio is for streaming content on cell phones and mobile devices that utilize GSM Networks and 3GPP2 formatted video and audio must be used to stream media over CDMA Networks.

QuickTime Pro can easily export directly out to 3GPP and 3GPP2 formats with the QuickTime Pro default settings. Then streaming files can be uploaded to a QuickTime Streaming Server for Delivery. Users must be using QuickTime Streaming Server 5.5 to deliver 3G streaming videos.

Find out more about QuickTime Pro for creating 3GPP and 3GPP2 content

As the transition From SD to HD rolls on, many producers find themselves either combining formats or serving SD on an HD platter. Luckily, there is a surge in software development to make this task easier for the working producer. Digital Anarchy has a plug-in named ReSizer 2.0, that provides the flexibility of being able to intelligently rescale footage in After Effects and Final Cut Pro yeilding a higher quality image.

ReSizer 2.0 gives you greater control of the sharpening and smoothing of an image than what you would find in AE or FCP alone. You'll also find a Deinterlacer for busy, interlaced SD footage that contains lots of movement.

Resizer operates on Mac OS X and Windows Systems (98 ME and higher) and is compatible with After effects 5.5 and higher (including 7.0), Final Cut Pro 4.0 and higher and Premiere Pro 2.0. Give it a free test run or buy it for $149.


Marquee .gif

If you have been trying to figure out how to use the Avid Marquee Title tool and have pulled all of your hair out, then I have found a great introduction that you will find very helpful. Avid Marquee is a very powerful title tool with 3-D capabilities but it is not very intuitive. Avid has assembled this great video tutorial to get you up and running. Once you finish you will be up a rocking on a very powerful title application.

Attention all Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro artists out there who are utilizing Mac sytems, DivX has released a new version of Digital Media Product Suite for Mac systems that includes a DivX player that will allow Mac users to view high quality full-screen playback of DivX videos. The new player debuts some new features that will aid in the quality of your of DivX viewing experience such as a desktop dimmer, mouse gesture controls, and window fade-out.


DivX for Mac 6.5 also allows you to create high quality DivX files that are compatible with many portable viewing devices and for DVD distribution.

6.5 is compatible with Quicktime 7 and Mac OS X 10.3.9 and you can dowload the full version for $19.99. There is also a free trial version so got www.divx.com/divx/mac/ and give it test drive before you buy.

The Macintosh based Intellicaster is the first system of its kind that will allow local radio and television broadcasters to create a podcast feed AUTOMATICALLY.

Here's how the system works: The Intellicaster system will capture based on their broadcast schedule, enable local broadcasters to omit commercials if their are any copyright issues, encode the programming to an iPod compatible format (which can also be embedded onto a website), upload to server then publish the feed.

The Intellicaster system can also be configured to charge payments for episodes that are downloaded by viewers.

Configurations start at $4,495.


If you are a die-hard Avid Xpress Pro user or even a Final Cut Pro editor who is open to experimenation with other NLE's, keep your eyes on the GeniusDV Website as they are preparing to offer Avid Media Composer Training. As many of you have heard by now, Media Composer will be offered in a sofware only version starting at $4,995 dollars. This means smaller production boutiques who had once deemed the Composer Hardware as slightly out reach due to price can get into the game. If you smell the scent of opportunity in the air, as many are, consider preparing yourself and your staff to be more competitive in the marketplace.


Cruising the web I came across a site called Qube Konstrukt and on this site was some very cool Adobe After Effects and 3D work. One of the coolest projects on the site is the Honda Civic - Motor Show Stand Animations. Consisting of beautiful transitions and vibrant colors the animation is very impressive to say the least. I was also moved by the strange music, minimalist style, and plus the fact I got to view my very first 288 x 512 QuickTime, How Cool Is That!


Check Out: Honda Civic - Motor Show Stand Animations

Also Visit: Qube Konstrukt

If you are a Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro producer and have been on the fence about which new wave of HD Camcorders, Canon is kicking off a six city tour Showcasing the Canon XLH1 HD Camcorder. Along with a multi-media presentation you will also be given the opportunity to play around with the camera and everyone who attends will recieve a coupon for a free FireStore FS-4Pro Portable DTE Recorder (40GB) with the purchase of the XLH1 camera. Canon is also giving away one XLH1 in each of the six cities. Here are the cities:


Miami May 25, 2006
Chicago May 31, 2006
Nashville June 2, 2006
Los Angeles June 13, 2006
Denver June 16, 2006
New York June 21, 2006


Check here for specific times and to sign up for this free Canon HD event.

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