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May 2006 Archives

For all of you Avid and Final Cut Pro users, you'll be pleased to know that Panasonic is offering a free PDF packed full of operational information on their new HD wonder, the Panasonic HVX200. If you have never owned a camera of this grade before or if you are planning to buy this cam, you might seriously want to consider taking the time to read through this material. It's an amazingly powerful tool once you learn how to wield it. The PDF is sixty eight pages long and if Panasonic hasn't sold you on this camera yet, the information in this packet just might do the trick. You can choose from an NTSC or PAL manual by simply selecting your language preference and click on the center blue guide icon that is at the bottom of the webpage. HVX PDF


This set of 136 filters, transitions and generators support 24p, 25p 30p and are all designed to render at the subpixel level for smooth movement. A series of Final Cut Pro workshops and 68 softwipe patterns are also included in the package. Here's a taste of what you will find in CGM DVE Complete:

Filters: Morph, Clone Area, Bezier Matte, Text, Countdown, De-interlace, Highlights, Lows, Cube 3D, Squick, Star Effects

Transitions: Dip to Color Dissolve, Double Flip, Explode, Laser, Liquid Movie FX, MultiSlide, MultiSpin, PixelStorm


consolidate sign.gif

The Consolidate feature allows you to create and save copies of the sequence's media files to a selected drive. This makes it relatively simple to move source files with you when you work on a different system. Using the Consolidate feature has the advantage of copying only the amount of media necessary; you save only the sequences and clips used in the project. For example, it does not copy an entire 1-hour audio file to consolidate a single 10-second clip.

Sequences: When you consolidate a sequence, the system copies only the portions of media files edited into the sequence, and creates new master clips for each clip in the sequence. The file name extension .new is attached to the master clips, along with incremental numbering beginning with .01. The sequence is not renamed but is automatically relinked to the new media files.

Subclips: When you consolidate a subclip or group of subclips, the system copies only the portion of the media files represented in the subclip, and creates a new master clip that is the duration of the subclip and a new subclip. The file name extension .new is attached, along with incremental numbering beginning with .01.

Master clips: When you consolidate a master clip, the system creates exact copies of the media files. If you link the original master clip to the new files, the system creates a master clip with the file name extension .old that remains linked to the old files. If you maintain the link between the original master clip and the old media files, the system creates a new master clip with the file name extension .new that is linked to the new files. The new clips are also numbered incrementally beginning with .01. Consolidating master clips does not save storage space because the system copies the same amount of media for each clip.

The most frequently asked question out their by Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro artists has to be "How do I make my DV footage appear more filmic?" If you're already shooting in true 24p, have a firm grip on 3 point lighting, and have access to a jib, then you are well on your way. Digital Film Tools offers plug ins that can help you tweak the dramatic feel you're looking for with: Digtial Film Lab, Composite Suite, 55mm and zMatte. Digtial Film Tools gives you the ability to mimic some very popular film looks by simulating glass filter effects and specialized lenses.


If you find yourself having to perform many cut outs in Adobe Photoshop, Fluid Mask may have just made your job much easier. Fluid Mask is an advanced cut-out tool that will allow you to select, group and mask image objects for clean cut outs.


Here are some of the features:

- The edge Overlay view will allow you to Identify Edges before you begin masking

- Click-and-cut select objects

- Enables you to define those not so distinct edges

- Test render tool will allow you to review your work in progress

- Performs masking and blending simultaneously while makin the distinction between hard and soft edges

Fluid Mask requires that you have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or higher and runs on both Windows and Mac systems.

Movie Logger 1.1, from Digital Heaven, is an easy to use text based logger for Quicktime Movies that streamlines the process of logging footage on a PC running Windows and placing it into a Final Cut Pro workflow. Simply set an in and an optional out point timecode, then type a detailed description. The logs can then be exported to FCP's XML file format or to RTF, Rich Text Format. You can import up to 16 movies per project and movies can be reviewed in either a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

Digtial Heaven suggests that you download a demo to see if Movie Logger 1.1 is compatible with your system before you purchase it.


Digital Heaven has just made two of its popular plug-ins for Final Cut Pro absolutely free and ready for download: DH_Grid and DH_Guides.

DH_Grid is a generator that will display a grid of up to ten divisions in horizontal and vertical divisions that can be independently set over a predefined area in your project. This grid will help you line up objects on screen. You can also change the line width and color of the grid.


DH_Guide is another generator that displays guides from left, right, top and bottom. You can choose to make the lines a color or dim inside or dim outside guidelines and it allows for the manipulation of distance between guides.


Check out the other Digital Heaven plug-ins for Final Cut Pro as they range from $20-$40 each.

If you have Final Cut Pro Version 5 or later, Digital Heaven announced yesterday the release of their new standalone application "BigTime." Big Time is a resizable floating timecode display that depicts sequence or source clip timecode enabling you and the client to more easily pinpoint key moments in time without having to squint your eyes. This timecode display is BIG and works very much like the timecode window you would find in Avid. There is a demo version of this ware on the Digital Heaven site, so give your eyes a rest and see how it works for you.


BigTime will let you change the text and background color to suit your needs and is now shipping for $49.00 USD.

The Apple Store, Fifth Avenue in Manahattan, New York is now open and serving the public 24/7. There is some great time lapse footage of the first 24 hours of the store opening you should check out. I guess this location will be the place to be on the eve before a new release of Final Cut Studio. Just stand in line until Midnight.

As part of the Grand Opening Celebration, Apple gave away a new Macbook every hour for 24 hours at their new flagship store. The only bad news about that is the fact that you had to actually be there to be eligible.


The new store officially opened on Friday, May 19, at 6:00 pm.


For all of you Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro users out there who either own or are planning to buy a Panasonic HVX200 camera, Century Optics offers some great lens accessories that will allow you more flexibility with a fixed lens. Here are some of the addons that are available for this incredible camera:


- .6X Wide Angle Adapter: Achieve wider angles with extremely low distortion.

- .75X Wide Angle Converter: Grab high resolution images and a wider angle of view while maintain full zoom capability.

- Super Fisheye Adapter: You've seen what this one can do in many national TV spots. This adapter will allow you to achieve a wider angle of view and an attractive barrel distortion effect free of vingnetting.

- 1.6x Tele-Converter: The outdoor sportman should take a good look at this one! if you are producing a fish and wildlife type show, then you know that sometimes you may have to take a shot from long distances. This converter will allow you greater telephoto reach when physically getting closer is not an option.

- Achromateic diopters: If your job calls for you to shoot miniatures, these Macro Zoom attachments will allow you maximum magnification and image clarity.

Many of the Century Optics adapters and converters attach by way of bayonet mount. Take a look for yourself.

This set of 136 filters, transitions and generators support 24p, 25p 30p and are all designed to render at the subpixel level for smooth movement. A series of Final Cut Pro workshops and 68 softwipe patterns are also included in the package. Here's a taste of what you will find in CGM DVE Complete:

Filters: Morph, Clone Area, Bezier Matte, Text, Countdown, De-interlace, Highlights, Lows, Cube 3D, Squick, Star Effects

Transitions: Dip to Color Dissolve, Double Flip, Explode, Laser, Liquid Movie FX, MultiSlide, MultiSpin, PixelStorm


Apple's latest version of Final Cut Express HD is hitting the shelves with full keyframe effects control and dynamic RT for Real-time Previews. This version also ships with Live Type 2, which features 60 new effects for dynamic type creation and Soundtrack 1.5 for custom made music.

Capture HD or HDV with Express 3.5 and give depth to your project by compositing imagery such as video, multi-layered Photoshop files, and photos.
Here's a list of some of the features:

- Full Keyframe Effects Control
- Dynamic RT for Real-time Previews
- DV and HDV Editing
- Composite Easily In-Canvas
- Intergrate Mult-Layered Photoshop Files
- Perform Advanced Color Correction
- Grow Your iMovie Project

Take a look at the new an improved Final Cut Express HD 3.5.


5 minutes of DV footage equals approximates 1 gigabyte of storage. Digital Heaven has a free widget, VideoSpace v1.0, For OSX Tiger that will allow you to calculate how much disk space your Final Cut Pro or Avid Xpress video project will require before you begin. It's as simple as selecting the Codec that you will be using from a drop down menu of 17 options, selecting the framerate, and typing in the projected length of the program in HHMMSS format and Video Space will calculate the size of the file.


It can also work in reverse allowing you to enter in the storage capacity of optical storage media such as a DVD or CD and calculate the amount of video it can hold. Check out and Download Digital Heaven's VideoSPace right here.

When I first entered the industry, may I add before their was any such thing called Final Cut Pro, a Silicon Graphics box was the de facto standard hardware to have if you were serious about 3D graphics and animation. The former hardware giant, Silicon Graphics Incorporated, filed for chapter 11 this month in attempt to crawl out from underneath a mountain of debt. This isn't the first time SGI has had to try something new. In 2000, SGI switched from making supercomputers to focusing on much more tightly niched markets only to find their standing with investors in a steady decline. SGI plans on being reorganized and out of bankruptcy protection in six months.


During NAB 2006, visual effects innovator, Noise Industries debuted the first ware that will give Final Cut Pro and Motion artists the freedom to create their own dedicated effect plug-ins based on the Apple FXPlug-in architecture. That's right, FXFactory will allow you to create and apply your own unique plug-ins when no off the shelf ware can get the job done. You can access the plug-ins through the native interface of FCP or Motion. Here are some of the features of FXFactory for Final Cut Studio:


- Comes standard with a comprehensive library of effects

- Access to online visual effects library, the Effects Market

- Create or download an unlimited number of new effects.

- Open GL acceleration and real-time image processing based on Core Image and Quartz Composer

FXFactory is projected to ship in the summer of 2006.


widget copy.gif

I am always checking the Avid Web Site for the latest news or downloads from Avid. Well if you find yourself in the same predicament then Stop searching! Get the latest Avid news, headlines, customer stories, and more sent directly to your desktop with this handy RSS reader. Tap into your favorite Avid forums and stay connected to the hot topics, the latest tips and tricks, and the professional communtiy. Its fast, its free, and it runs on Mac and Windows systems. Check it out today and never miss the latest Avid news!

For all of you Avid Xpress and Final Cut Pro artists out there who utilize After Effects, Trapcode has released a new version of there powerful After Effects 3D particle system plugin, Particular. You can truly create some amazing visual effects with this ware. The new features in Version 1.5 are:

Particular 1.5_a.jpg

- Depth of Field creates the appearance of a real camera view by imitating the inability of a camera to maintain focus in all depths of an image. Now, those particles flying by will look realistic.

- Motion Path lets you control the path of particles after they have been born

- Particle Count allows you to monitor the current number of particles in a given simulation from the Info Window.

See Particular in action right here!

This one may be a little strange but it is still classic motion graphics. Back in '01 Pleix Films released an abstract music video for Bleip called No. The animation was driven by the music (which was also produced by Pleix) and the majority of the work was done in none other than Adobe After Effects. You gotta love that! The video consists of a variety of stuttering cut outs and key words that convey a message that I've been trying decipher for the last five years.

Check Out: BLEIP - NO

Pleix films provide some of the best creative motion graphic inspiration on the web; so while you're in the viewing strange imagery mood also check out: Pleix Films Official Website

If you do not have a preview monitor on which to preview your work, you can use one of your computer monitors to see a full screen preview.

1 Simply go to View > Video Playback > Digital Cinema Desktop Preview-Full Screen.

2 Go to View > External Video > All Frames so that FCP knows to send the information found in your project frame by frame to the external monitor.

May I point out that you may already posses the hardware to preview to an external monitor. Do you have an inexpensive Mini-DV camera with firewire and and S-Video ports? I'm talking about the type of Mini-DV camera that you would commonly take on a vacation. Do you have a television set with an S-Video in? If you do, then you're in luck!


1 Run the firewire cable from your computer to the Mini-DV Camera.

2 Run an S-Video Cable from the Mini-DV camera to the television set. Make sure your camera is in VTR mode and not in Camera mode.

3 Go to View > External Video > All Frames

4 Go to View > Video Playback > Apple Firewire NTSC (720x480).

Your audio source will have to be connected to the Mini-DV Camera for you to be able to monitor the audio. Now, you have a relatively inexpensive VTR!

The Firestore DR-HD100-80 is an 80GB DV and Pro HD disk recorder with Direct To Edit (DTE) capability. Video, timecode and control information passes through a single firewire connection between the recorder and HD100 camcorder. When a tape is loaded, each time you press the record button, then stop on your camcorder, the DR-HD100 with create an individual clip on disk. These files can be used directly in Adobe, Apple, Avid Canopus and Pinnacle apps. You also have the ability to monitor timecode and disk space through the viewfinder and preview clips by using the playback mode on the DR-HD100.

The DR-HD100 also has a little brother, the DR-HD100-40, a 40GB DV and Pro HD disk recorder.


Perusing through the May '06 issue of Creative Cow Magazine I came across an article which spoke about a useful Adobe After Fx plug-in appropriately named Lensfeed. Created by a company known as Frishluft, Lensfeed allows After Effects to receive a live preview from just about any video camera. This is a great utility for those of you who find yourselves doing a lot of Keying work and need to see the results of your lighting on the fly.


For more info check out: http://www.frischluft.com

On May eleventh In Osaka Japan, Panasonic and Sony Corporation announced AVCHD, a new format that allows for recording and playback of high resolution digital HD images by way of 8cm DVD media. This new format will allow for the recording of 1080i and 720p signals onto 8cm DVD media. The MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec will be used for video compression and Dolby Digital (AC-3) for sound.

Stay tuned!
panasonic logo.gif Sony_Logo.jpg

The Ultimate Fighter 3 promo was created by award winning design director Anders Schroder. Enhancing phenomenally edited film with impressive motion graphics this promotional spot is incredible to say the least. Shroder has been doing motion graphics for over eight years and has worked with some of the biggest clients in the industry.

View: The Ultimate Fighter 3 Promo

Schroder's skills in Adobe After Effects are without a shadow of a doubt irrefutable but his 3D work is...is...Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Don't believe me? Check Out: Anders Schroder's Show Reel

For those of you riding the bleeding edge of entertainment technology as we do here at GeniusDV, Blu-ray and HD DVD authoring are on the move! Sonic Solutions offers a high-end solution for next-gen DVDs. Take a look at some of the features as seen on sonic.com:


- Blu-ray Disk Support : Author fully featured Blue Disk titles

- HD DVD Support: Standard and Advanced Content HD DVD title creation

- SD DVD Support

- Advanced Interactivity: Seamless menus over video composited contextual menus, synchronized picture-in-picture bonus content, and built-in internet connectivity.

- Hands on Control: Scenarist's direct, non-abstraction-based cell-level authoring lets you take charge of the details with complete cell-level control over every aspect of your Blu-ray Discs and HD DVD titles.

- Flexible Workgroup Productivity: Perform multiple tasks at a single workstation or spread your process over several stations.

Profound Effects are the creators of the powerful automation tool for Adobe After Fx known as Useful Assists. There are over 118 assistants and each one is just as useful as the next. Useful Assistants will enhance your workflow by handling many of tasks that can sometimes take hours to execute.


For example, UA includes assistants that do the following:

- Automatically extend layers and nested compositions when a few more seconds are needed.
- Copy and paste whole groups of expressions at a time.
- Place markers wherever cuts or gaps are detected, automatically.
- Open, close, join, and reverse the direction of masks.
- Associate mask vertices with motion tracker track points.
- Create keyframes based on the luminance or channel information in the image.
- Sequence and fade layers in powerful ways.
- Paste, move, and snap layers in different ways.
- Make a contact sheet of frames from throughout a composition, automatically.

Check Out: Profound Effects Useful Assistants 1.7 for Adobe After Effects.

Award winning manufacturer of glass filters for motion pictures and television, Tiffen, has produced an HDTV/FX filter line designed to give a more film-like aesthetic value to razor sharp HD images. Due to the increasingly widespread use of HD video in the film and television industries, The HDTV/FX filter line was created to reduce HD's high contrast image and improve shadow detail while smoothing undesirable detail of on air talent.


The HDTV/FX filters are available in the following densities and sizes as listed on the Tiffen website: 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in sizes 4x4, 4x5.650, 6.6x6.6, 138mm and 4 1/2 and screw in sizes 52mm-82mm for digital and still photography and videography.

One of the best Broadcast Design & Live Action Studios in the business has to be BELIEF. Located in Santa Monica, they have created some of the best broadcast productions I have ever witnessed. Take a gander at the work they did for the ZOOM Network and the work will speak for it self. The project was created with tools such as Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D along with live action visual elements.
Check out: ZOOM Network Launch

As an added bonus, BELIEF created a behind the scenes QuickTime which will give you better insight to how the spot was created.

Check out: Behind The Scenes of ZOOM Network Launch

The 100GB FS-100 HD Recorder by Panasonic provides 1.5 hours of DVCPRO HD recording time and supports supports DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, and DVCPRO/DV recording formats. Weighing in at about a pound, it connects to the HVX by a single firewire connection that passes audio, video, timecode and control allowing for simultaneous recording to the record disk and P2 card.


No capture, conversion, or file transfer needed with this device. Simply connect the drive to your Mac or PC and edit. The FS-100 is powered by a rechargeable/removable battery and will allow for time lapse, retro disk recording and scene marking. Here are some other key features:

- Records over 100 minutes for all DVCPRO formats
- The Unit can be daisy-chained for longer recording times
- Direct To Edit (DTE) Technology with P2 MXF compatibility
- Field upgradeable with future support for thumbnails

The FS-100 is shipping now.

Sony Media Software introduced Cinsescore at NAB 2006, an alternative to soundtrack creation for movie makers. The Cinescore software will allow filmmakers and audio producers to automatically generate custom tracks for movies by selecting from a wide variety of musical themes and genres that can be molded into their own cinematic vision. Simply pick a musical theme and the time, tempo intensity, variation and repetition of the piece is conformed to voiceover or video at frame level accuracy.


Here are some of the key features:

- Automatically generates music to fit project length
- Includes 20 fully customizable themes multiple genres
- 16-bit, 44.1 KHZ song quality for high-fidelity performance
- Custom variations can be created and saved
- Hint markers control changes in temp, mood, and intensity
- Multiple ending types for generated media
- Includes over 300 sound effects and audio transitions
- Themes sorted based on instruments, keywords and more
- Video scoring track and real-time preview window
- Audio sweetening track
- Real-time editing during playback
- Interactive Show Me How tutorials and online help
- Volume and pan envelopes
- Audio time stretching
- Track markers and regions
- CD audio extraction
- External monitor preview
- Unlimited undo/redo
- Project media bins

Although I was unable to find a definitive shipping date, Cinescore will hit the shelves at $249.95 USD.

Harry J. Frank of ::graymachine:: has been creating some of the coolest broadcast animations for quite some time now. Just recently, Harry released a brand new batch of Adobe Affects Effects presets using the all powerful Trapcode Particular plug-in. The beautiful thing is, these files which are actual projects are free to download! They are perfect learning the ins and outs of Particular or great start for an abstract background.


There are ten editions of these preset files and you can start with number nine right here: AE Trapcode Presets

Even if you have only experimented with 3D animation in your video career, the name NewTek should be very familiar as they have developed some of the most widely used video and 3D animation products in the industry: LightWave 3D, Tricaster and VT[4]. Well, now they are about to be known for something else. At NAB 2006 NewTek announced what they call the "World's Fastest Video Editor," SpeedEDIT.


SpeedEDIT is a resolution-independent editor that can handle jobs ranging from web video to Hi Def enabling full resolution on-screen HD outputs with FireWire output to camera or deck. All editing functions can be performed directly in the dynamically linked timeline and storyboard interfaces. Here are the speed edit features as they are listed on the NewTek site:

- Resolution independence- edit anything from web streams to HD
- Mix SD and HD clips in the same project
- Supports all frame-rates and resolutions
- 16:9 and 4:3 aspect support
- Live we streaming and recording
- Support for MPEG-2, HDV, DV, QuickTime, Flash and more
- Project output via FireWire to camera or deck
- Real-time HD output on-screen
- Auto white balance correction
- Advanced 4-band selective color selection
- Multi-threaded software runs faster with dual-core computers

SpeedEDIT is expected to ship this summer for $495 USD.

Keep your eyes on the GeniusDV Website for current industry news and information as well as new training opportunities. By popular demand, GeniusDV will soon be offering classes in Avid Media Composer.

Along with the ability to combine HD, SD, DV, and film formats and resolutions in the same timeline without rendering, redigitizing or transcoding, here are just a few of the features of the Media Composer software:

- Full Media Composer toolset
- Mac and PC compatible
- Add editing seats without adding hardware
- Total Conform with Avid Sypmphony Nitris Systems


If you are a filmmaker and have some of your earlier work on film and are looking to transfer to HD, Film Fix from Redgiant Software may be just what you are looking for. Film Fix gives Adobe After Effects users the ability to repair old film footage by restoring tears, removing dirt and dust particles and even image stabilization so that your transfer to HD will be clean.


"When you do a film transfer to HD, the HD video really shows the flaws, and broadcast and cable networks all want really clean master fpor their HDTV broadcasts."

- Kevin Christopher
Director of Technology for Cinepost

If you have been planning on tranferring your film footage to HD, see if Film Fix is a viable option for you.

The Honda Civic "Rebirth" spot is like an abstract painting stuffed into Adobe After Fx and a high-end 3D Application. From the beginning to the end, the Ad has you wondering "Where are they going with this?" but yet you can't look away. You find yourself being hypnotized by the unusual ambient music which is paralleled by some of the most obscure imagery you've seen in a very long time. This piece displays some of the most complex After Effects techniques ever created on 3D canvas. OK, that is just going way over board but it is still great poetry in motion.


Check it out for yourself: Honda Civic - Rebirth

Independent Filmmaker Chris Suchorsky found success in the failed attempt at his lifelong dream of making his own film. His motivation was quite similar to that of the original Rebel Without a Crew, Filmmaker Robert Rodriquez: write the script, rent the equipment, use his friends as actors, and direct the film.

It's the summer of 2000 and Suchorsky arrives at the set on the first day of shooting, having not performed a single day of preproduction and armed with a bunch of rented equipment that he had never even used before. He doesn't even know how to operate the cameras he'll be shooting with. His friends/actors are steadily becoming agitated and getting drunk while he sets up for the first scene. Things are quickly spiralling out of his control and it's just the first day of production!

See how Chris Suchorsky transforms his failed attempt at making his first feature-film into a success that has placed him in head to head competition with stars like Billy Crystal and Guy Pierce at film festivals across the country. His documenatry called "Failure" is not just showing at film festivals, it's winning!


Station IDs are pretty common nowadays and one of the masters at creating them is the heavy hitting design-based production company known as EyeballNYC. Back in '02 EyeballNYC created a package of network IDs for Comedy Central. These IDs were so good that in 2004 they were asked to Remix the whole package. The results were incredible. So incredible that you get to view them today as travel back into motion graphic time.

Washing Cycle 2002
View Project

Washing Cycle 2004
View The Project's REMIX!

There is a lot of 3D work in the graphics but a large amount of the work was done in Adobe After Effects especially in the Remixed versions of the IDs.

Check Out All of the Station IDs.


Automatic Duck, Inc. the makers of some of the most popular timline translation wares on the market, introduced Import FCP 2.0 at NAB 2006. FCP 2.0 enables Final Cut Pro artists to import OMF 2.0 files from Avid systems as well as OMF 2.0 files from Pro Tools or AAF Edit Protocol files.


Here are some of the enhancements in 2.0

- Import OMF files from Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools

- 24fps Import from Avid Editing Systems

- Imported Avid Title Effects become FCP Text Generators

- Avid Time Warp effects are Transalated into into time remapping

- AAF Edit Protocol Support

I have no word on the development of Adobe Premiere timeline translation to Final Cut Pro. I have only read speculation in online forums that this product is under development.

Check out Pro Import FCP 2.0 from Automatic Duck!

So you need some 3D text in your Adobe After Effects project but you don't have 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, or even LightWave. No Problem! Don't get me wrong, you could spend well over five hundred dollars for any of these 3D applications and take a few months to learn it or you could buy the Panopticum AnimaText 3D plug-in for Adobe After Fx.


This powerful little tool has over 113 adjustable parameters and will run you about $80 smackaroos for some of the easiest text manipulation around.


Check out : Panopticum's AnimaText 3D plug-infor Adobe After Effects

At NAB 2006, Avid announced Xpress 5.5 and Mojo SDI. Here are some of the enhancements that can be found in 5.5:


- HD and improved format support for OS X systems

- Realtime multicam support for OS X systems

- Tapeless workflow for OS X systems

- Direct ingest of XDCAM HD over Firwire

- New film and pulldown support for OS X systmes

- AVX 2 plug-in support for deep colorspace and advanced keyframing for OS X systems

- Full-screen SD and HD monitring using the host graphics card for both Mac and PC

- Enhanced performance with HDV splicing for Mac and PC systems

- Varicam support for both Mac and PC systems

The Avid Mojo SDI allows for SDI I/O and AES/EBU digital audio I/O. Here's what it can offer you:


- SDI video I/O

- Flexible digital and analog audio

- Simultaneous output of video and effects to client monitor and tape

- Audio punch-in

You'll find the Xpress Pro software for $1,695 and the Avid Mojo SDI for $2,495.

I remember back in the days of 2002 watching MK12's Ultralove Ninja and saying to myself "What the?, How'd they?....ah forget it!" Motion graphics have come a long way since '02 but you can't forget classics like Ultralove Ninja. Using Adobe After Effects and other design/compositing tools MK12 created a motion graphic piece that will always a home in my Inspiration folder.


Check Out: Ultralove Ninja

And while you're at it stop by and see what's new over at: MK12

Either Apple was not as far along in the development of Final Cut 6 or Final Cut Extreme as the rumors led us to believe or maybe Apple just chose not to show their hand on this one. I went to the Apple demonstration in Las Vegas only to discover that their big announcement was Final Cut Studio 5.1. The demonstration was very good at showing the high end performance one can achieve with the studio as I witnessed a national spot for Mercedes Benz being constructed, but where was 6.0 and Extreme?


The wind was taken out of my sails when neither 6.0 nor Extreme were ever hinted to. Maybe this move by Apple is in response to the rumored pricing of Final Cut Extreme being $10,000 and Avid's release of Media Composer at the educational price of $295. That's right $295.00, and there are no zeros missing in this price. Keep your eyes on the front of the GeniusDV site for more NAB 2006 news and information!

Nike Art of Speed

One of my favorite motion graphic pieces has to be Oggo which was featured on the Nike's Art of Speed not too long ago. Oggo is an animated short/Promo which uses Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and a 3D application which one I'm not sure. I've literally watched this film over 20 times and I still manage to find something new every time I view it.


Check It Out: Oggo - Nike Art of Speed

I've been searching high and low for the Nike Art of Speed DVD for quite some time now. Through my research I found out that it was never sold in stores but was given away as a free gift when you bought jeans at Diesel (What?). If you can get your hands on the DVD you will find some of the best After Fx work you have ever seen in your life! Seriously.

Thanks to the internet you can watch some of the series here: onedotzero8 | the art of speed: a film project from nike


Also check out: Stefan Nadelman - One Step Ahead (AMAZING)


When I first arrived at the Convention Center, one of the first things I had on my list to check out was the Red camera system. Until now, this camera had only been spoken of in myth in the online forums much like someone who had claimed to have seen a UFO or Bigfoot. An affordable Ultra High Definition Camera that could produce 4K images and could utilize Prime Lenses, this would be an evolutionary jump indeed! Well, this was the moment of truth. I was finally going to see it. It was as if someone had said to me "around the next corner, you will see the only captive Unicorn in the history of earth." I must admit that my breath was surely taken from me as I entered the RED tent and was a little confused as to what I was looking at.


There is a definite paradigm shift going on here. These RED Cinema guys have redefined what a camera is supposed to look like. My first impression was "Wow, wasn't that the gun the character Ripley used in the movie Aliens?" It was like no other camera I had evern seen before complete with a finish that was completely unexpected. In the pictures that are posted here, you see a sleek metal finish. The models on the show room floor had a weathered rust finish and appeared to have been sent back through time for some ambiguous purpose. As I got over the initial shock of the appearance of the unit, I dug into the specs and this device's purpose became clear to me. It came from the future to destroy all cameras that came before it!


Here are some of the specs:

- 12 Megapixel Mysterium CMOS sensor, Super 35mm sized.

- Format Sizes: DV, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K

- Lenses: 300mm, 17 - 100mm

- Various Cage Configurations


These models were still behind glass and we didn't have the chance to use one yet, but keep your eyes on the GeniusDV website for the latest news and developments with this camera!

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