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February 2004 Archives

computer and ntsc monitor not in sync in final cut pro
Why is the external NTSC monitor not in sync with the Final Cut Pro sequence?
When you output from Final Cut Pro (using the View menu - all frames) you are sending your final sequence out through the firewire port. Most users tend to monitor their audio from the audio speaker on the back of the Macintosh. Converting the data stream from the firewire port to NSTC video requires some processing time. Therefore, you will notice a delay between your NSTC monitor and the audio monitoring from Macintosh. If you monitor your audio strictly from the firewire connection, then you will not notice a delay.

dv field dominance
What field in dominant when using DV video?
DV video is always even field first or (even field dominant).

final cut express keyframes
How do you add keyframes when using Final Cut Express, and where is the keyframer timeline?
Final Cut Express does not have the traditional keyframer that is present in Final Cut Pro. However, you can still manually add kefyrames by using (apple + k) when in the (image + wireframe mode within the viewer window). Only problem is, you will not be able to see where the actual keyframes are. You can still jump between them by using shift + k to move forward or option + k to move backward to each keyframe.

delete track final cut pro
How do I delete a track in Final Cut Pro?
To delete a track within Final Cut Pro, simply control click on any track and select (delete track).

final cut pro beeping capture beeping audio
Why does Final Cut Pro have beeping audio each time I play the sequence?
There are a couple reasons for this. The most common reason is because you have more than 1 audio filter applied to a segment. In Final Cut Pro 3.0 just about any audio filter will cause your sequence to beep until it has been rendered.

convert ntsc to pal with final cut pro
How do you convert an NSTC sequence to a PAL sequence?
It is fairly easy to do. Just control click on your sequence within the Final Cut Pro Browser window, and select sequence settings. Then change the pixel aspect ratio and compressor settings to DV-PAL. You will then need to render your entire sequence.

final cut pro insert black
How do you insert a solid black clip into a Final Cut Pro sequence?
Go to the Generators menu. It is located in the lower right corner of the Final Cut Pro viewer menu. It looks like the letter (A). Select (Matte-Color). Next, click on the controls tab within the viewer window. You will see a color box where you can select any solid color you choose. Then click on the video tab and edit your clip to your sequence.

final cut pro crawl text
What is the best way to make text crawl across the screen using Final Cut Pro?
Try using the Boris 3D - title crawl feature. To do this, click within the Generators menu (in the bottom right corner of the viewer window) and select (Title Crawl). Within the title tool type the text that you want to crawl across the screen. After you are done, click on the apply button. Here is the tricky part.... a portion of the text will then appear within the Viewer window. You need to click on the controls tab and navigate to the (animation style menu) and select crawl. Then you can edit your text to the timeline. It should then crawl across the screen. Remember, the speed of the crawl is always going to be determined by the distance of your in and out points within the timeline.

delete track final cut pro
How do I delete a track in Final Cut Pro?
To delete a track within Final Cut Pro, simply control click on any track and select (delete track).

final cut sync adjust
What is the final cut pro sync adjust feature?
This feature is only longer present in Final Cut Pro 4.0. If you have Final Cut Pro 2.0 or 3.0 I reccomend leaving this feature off, with one exception. The Canon XL 1000 camera was one of the few cameras to shoot with unlocked audio. This means the audio and video data elements are timed to two seperate clocks. Although these clocks are very precise, they can be slightly off by as little as 1/1000th of a second. QuickTime does not support unlocked audio, which means it is using a single timing clock for both video and audio elements. This means that if you are using a camera with unlocked video and audio elements... that they will drift out of sync when played within a QuickTime movie. On short clips (under 1 minute) this won't be noticable. With longer clips, you may notice the audio and video to drift out of sync. This is the function of the sync adjust feature within Final Cut Pro. It periodically checks for any discrempencies between audio and video sync, and will adjust the clip on the timeline accordingly. Bottom line... unless you know that you are using DV source material with unlocked audio, you should leave this function off. It is a waste of resource power.

how to sepia effect with final cut pro
How do you create a sepia effect with Final Cut Pro?
This question is really simple. Navigate to the effects tab within your Browser window. Then find the Image Control category. Within the image control category find the sepia effect icon and drag it onto a clip within your sequence. Next, seriously consider taking a Final Cut Pro training class.

how to burn timecode window
How do you burn a timecode window within a Final Cut Pro sequence?
Navigate to the effects tab within the Final Cut Pro browser window. Look within the video category and you will find the timecode print filter. Drop the timecode print filter onto a clip within your sequence. This will add the timecode generator to a specific clip. To add the timecode filter to an entire sequence, you will need to nest your sequence first. Once your sequence is nested, you can then apply the filter to the entire sequence. Now, here is the trick part. If you want to change the value of the numbers from a generator to a reader (or change the position or color of the numbers) you will need to change the filter parameters. To do this, highlight your nested clip, and press the return key. This will load the nested clip back into the viewer window. Then click on the filters tab to adjust the timecode print filter parameters.

quicktime export mpeg2
Where is the option to export MPEG2 on Final Cut Pro?
This option not be available unless you install DVD Studio Pro. The only other option would be to send your media into Apple Compressor, which does support MPG2 export.

final cut external editor
What does the external editor tab in Final Cut Pro do?
You can set the external editor to a third party application such as Photoshop or After Effects. To open a clip within a third part application, simply control click on the clip within the timeline, and select (open in editor). When you close out of your third party application, the changes will automatically apply to the clip within the timeline.

importing mp3 final cut pro
How do I import an mp3 file into Final Cut Pro?
Simply drag the mp3 file into the Browser window. However, I do not reccomend using mp3's within Final Cut Pro. Especially if you are using Final Cut Pro 3.0. You are asking for nothing but problems if you do. Refer to the capturing tutorial on this website on how to convert mp3 files to 48Khz aiff files using iTunes.

final cut pro windows
Is there a version of Final Cut Pro for windows?
No, and it is unlikely that there ever will be. You may want to consider looking at Avid Xpress Pro, or Adobe Premiere Pro instead.

final cut pro insert black clip
How do I insert a black clip into Final Cut Pro?
There is a generators menu that is located in the lower right corner of the viewer menu. The generators menu will allow you to create colored mattes or basic shapes that can be edited directly to the timeline. There is no need to record a clip that is a solid color. Use the generators menu instead.

"final cut pro" exporting ntsc to pal
Can I convert something from NTSC or PAL within Final Cut Pro?
Yes, but sometimes the quality difference may not be acceptable. However, if you are in a jam, simply find your sequence within the Browser window and control click on it. Select the sequence settings. Within the sequence settings, change the sequence to PAL. You will then need to render your entire timeline.

final cut multicam
Does Final Cut Pro support multicam?
Yes, currently Final Cut Pro 5.0 HD supports multicam. If you do not have Final Cut Pro HD, you can use the Video tracks for each individual camera and then use the blade tool to break apart each track and re-position the clips into their proper order. This is a 'poor mans' way to doing multi-cam, but it works fairly well.

quicktime to dvd macintosh
How do you convert a .mov to DVD?
You can simply drag your QuickTime movies into iMovie, and burn a disk. It is that simple! Or upgrade to DVD Studio Pro 2.0.

green lines in final cut pro viewer window
How do I turn off the green lines in the Final Cut Pro viewer window?
Use the keyboard command (control Z). It will toggle the green display lines for on to off.

clips loop in viewer in final cut pro 4
How do I turn on or off looping within the viewer window?
Use the keyboard shortcut command (control L) to turn off or on playback looping within the viewer window.

ramping on fcp
How Do I turn on speed ramping in Final Cut Pro?
Use the time warp effect. It is located underneath the slip and slide trim tools. Click on the toggle clip keyframes button to display the keyframe bar within the Final Cut Pro timeline. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut (option + T) Then click within a clip using the speed ramp tool to add keyframes. Or you can double click on the clip to load it into the viewer menu and click on the motion tab. Near the bottom of the motion controls, You will see the speed ramp graph where you can add keyframes to create the speed ramp.

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