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Training in Kansas

GeniusDV provides on-site Training in Kansas.

cc_kansas_skyl.pngWe offer Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and After Effects training as part of our onsite training program in cities all across the state of Kansas including (but not limited to) Wichita, Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, Olathe, and Dodge City.

GeniusDV recently completed On-Site Final Cut Pro X training for Weber, inc. in Kansas City, MO.  Weber produces an incredible variety of grills and grilling appliances.

Onsite Final Cut Pro and Motion training testimonial
"I am a fairly new user to FCP and all of its components, and as training is not available anywhere in my area, I was extremely excited when I found Genius DV online.  I called and spoke with John Lynn and we discussed in detail what training I would require to accomplish the goals for my business, and he immediately set me up for on-site assistance with the two trainers who would be most helpful with the issues I needed help with.  It was a huge advantage to be able to customize my training program according to my exact needs, and not waste time on processes I already knew or wouldn't have use for.

Jeff Fortune gave me an intense and extensive three-day training course in FCP, LiveType, DVD Studio Pro, and Soundtrack Pro.  He also helped me along the way with some fantastic pointers as I am also new to Mac.  By the time he left here, I was eating, breathing, and sleeping Mac and FCP like a champ.  He is very patient and extremely knowledgeable in his field, as well as an extremely experienced and talented editor.  His creativity with these applications is astounding.  Whenever I come upon a snag with something, I e-mail Jeff and he pops right back or calls with a response that solves my problem every time.

My next training session was with Alex Wales, who is an absolute magician with Color and Motion, as well as Photoshop.  He can do absolutely anything with these applications, and then some.  Over a two-day period, Alex, like Jeff, put me through intense and extensive training in these applications.  He was so very patient with me, as these programs were a bit beyond my scope at the time, and he worked really hard to be sure I understood the processes as well as the reasoning behind them before he moved on to the next.  Alex also gets back to me quickly with helpful solutions when I e-mail him with questions.

I'd also like to mention that both of these guys are extremely personable, and that's a very important factor to me.  They were both easy-going guys, and both have a great sense of humor - also an important factor when going through intense training such as this.  If things aren't kept light, it can be overwhelming, but both Jeff and Alex were conscientious of when I was getting frustrated with processes I was struggling with, and easily switched gears and got me to re-focus with a fresh perspective (or drew me a diagram to explain - both are good artists as well - haha).  I was afraid that it simply wouldn't be possible to learn so much in so little time, but Jeff and Alex have such great attitudes and enthusiasm about teaching these applications that you can't help but be enthralled with learning each and every detail.  It was so much more fun than I could have hoped it to be!

The ongoing customer service that Genius DV provides is unmatched by any other company or trainer.  I've never heard of any training company whose instructors are so easy to get ahold of after the class ends.  I would absolutely recommend Genius DV for training sessions - classroom or on-site support.  Personally, the on-site training was the best fit for me, and I enjoy editing far more now that it's so much easier for me.  I am far more efficient, and can really explore my own creativity with editing and all the processes that go along with it, thanks to Jeff and Alex.  My dad is also an editor in FCP, but now that I have training from the experts at Genius DV, I run circles around him.  Thanks for that!!
Thanks so much guys - I am truly honored to have been taught by such talented people!"

Kari Russell
Witchita, KS