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GeniusDV, LLC

Note:  In order for us to reply properly, please be very specific on what training services you are interested in.  Generic inquiries may not receive a reply.

GeniusDV offers two disinct avenues for training:

On-Site Training (Nationwide)
Remote Online Training
Classroom Training in Orlando, FL

All these training options have these great benefits:
Luxurious (A class) training classroom
• Small class size, hands on instruction
• Certified courseware
• Official framed certificate of course completion
• You may re-take the same class indefinitely, at no charge.
• An optional certification exam is available (depending on the course that you take).
• One student per computer for the duration of the class.
•  We will provide you with a way to stay in touch with your instructor.
•  You will receive ongoing support after taking a class with us,
•  Access to hundreds of video tutorials and and technical documents

Why GeniusDV?
GeniusDV has a passion for training. We frequently prodcue tips or tutorials related to Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere,  or Final Cut Pro. Even if you decide not to attend a training course, this information will lead to some invaluable tips and tricks to help you learn the software. Compare our website content to our competition.

Our instructors are industry experts, we do not employ staff instructors.   All of our instructors  currently work within the professional industry. Because of this, they typically go above and beyond of what you might expect.  Read what students are saying about the GeniusDV training center(s).

Training Location
Have you had a great training class, but in a terrible location? You don't need to worry about parking your car, and your hotel is within walking distance.

How many people are in a typical class?
Never less than 1, but never more than 5. Typically for a large class of 6 students, we may have an assistant or an additional instructor to assist with the class.

What if I am the only student that has signed up and GeniusDV cancels my class?
GeniusDV will offer the class even if you are the only student.  On rare ocassions, with your agreement, we may ask if you are willing to re-schedule at no cost to you.

Do the courses include hands-on training?
Every student will have their own computer system for the duration of the class with wide screen flat panel LCD display. Our classes are hands-on and intensive, with lots of time to experiment with the various exercises that have been taught to you.

Support Options
Have you ever taken a great training class, and then felt left out in the cold, with no way to get in touch with your training facility or instructor? GeniusDV provides a toll free number, and / or cell phone that you can call 7 / 24 to touch base with a real human being. In some cases, it may be your actual instructor. We don't have any restricted hours, we will always return your call. This is unheard of in the training industry. Specific software support can cost hundreds of dollars a year, and GeniusDV provides this as an ongoing benefit. We trust that you won't abuse it.

Quality Promise
GeniusDV has several policies that will make you more comfortable when deciding to shell out your hard earned dollars. If you are taking 2-5 day course, and you are completely unhappy with the first day of training (and you notify us via telephone, e-mail, or voicemail), we will refund your money 'No questions asked' after the first day. You can't beat this promise!

Re-scheduling Policy
What if you have to re-schedule? Are there strict rules, like most other centers?  No, although we hate surprises, we will re-schedule you in our next available class. No cost to you, with no hidden charges.

What if I change my mind and want my money back? (refund policy)
Most other training centers have a strict policy of no refunds up to a certain date. We will process a full refund up to one week before your scheduled class starts. We won't hesitate to process your refund.  If you cancel prior to one week (7 days) before the class starts, we will offer you full credit towards any future class.

Can I audit a class for free?
As a benefit, we allow students to retake the same class indefinitely without charge. We just need to make sure we have a computer and room in the next class for you. Just remember, occasionally our vendors expand the number of days required for a class. If you choose to audit a class that has been expanded upon, we will only charge you for the additional days of the class.

Can I have someone sit in my class and audit while I attend?
We do not allow other individuals to sit in a class without payment. We do offer group discounts. The reason for this is simple: It interferes with an instructor's ability to teach you what is necessary in learning the software. It is also unfair to the other paying customers in your class.

What are some warning signs about our competitors?
Outdated Class Schedules
• A salesperson on the phone that doesn't seem to care about your needs.
• No way of talking to the actual instructor teaching your class before you attend.
• No online support forum or customer support.
• No way to get your money back if you cancel 2 weeks before the class starts.
• Your instructor has less than 5 years of professional editing experience.
• Make sure you read your instructors bio or talk to him/her before attending.
• A center that claims to be experts in every imaginable software product.
• A center that has a disclaimer that they can cancel or re-schedule a class at anytime.

NOTICE to international travelers:
Please review the Visa requirements for entering the United States. Currently there are only 27 countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program. Residents of Canada, Mexico and Bermuda do not require a Visa. All international travelers to the U.S. now require a passport.

Spreading the knowledge
GeniusDV continues to offer free video tutorials and content which has created a tremendous following of loyal customers and a familiar brand within the video production industry. It continues to develop educational classes related to video production.

testimonials_icon.pngIn addition to our testimonials, GeniusDV offers student profiles from graduates who have benefited from our training services.  Here are a few recent profiles:

Christian Hurtak -  "this class changed my life, and my perspective in graphic design." Miami - FL (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Muse Training)


Marquis Wilson (Freelance Editor/Videographer, Dallas, TX)

Matt Stevens (Audio/Video Engineer, South Central Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska)

Roxy Hambleton (Video Biographer, Fort Myers, FL)

Dave Thompson (US Army Public Affairs, Houston, TX)

Greg Minet (Marketing Director, United Tel Com, Dodge City, KS)

Eduard Gfeller (Consultant, Winter Park, FL)

Benjamin Lowell (TV Production Instructor, Orlando, FL)

Mara Woosley (Multimedia Tech, Hodges University, Naples, FL)

Meredith Muse (TV Production Instructor, Kissimmee, FL)

velocity_video_logo.pngI loved the program. Spending a week delving into AE and the creative suite showed me all the potential I have at my fingertips with this programs if I put in the work and make use of them!
The After Effects class was outstanding. I even impressed myself how on the last day I was able to create jaw-dropping broadcast quality graphics using what I learned in the class and with Juan's recipes for certain looks. I feel more confidence in my abilities as an editor and now animator. Not only was this class educational it was fun and dynamic with real examples shown on YouTube and it was tailored to exactly what I and my fellow classmates needed. I would highly recommend the After Effects course along with the creative cloud suite course. It is exactly what I was looking for to take my production game to the next level! - Sean.

coolCad.png I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my training last week with Katya. She is amazing! I've undergone a lot of different types of training during my 40-plus years of work-life - government, corporate, small business - and Katya is among the top three best trainers I've had the pleasure of working with. She's patient and encouraging and always made me feel I was up to the challenge (even when I wasn't so sure myself!). And she made it fun. This SketchUp training was worth every penny. It's going to make a big difference in the product I'm able to offer my clients.

Warmest regards,
Liz - Elizabeth Rand

velocity_videos.pngI thought Juan Carlos was spectacular. I came in with several video examples of certain "looks" I wanted to achieve with video.His Mastery of FCP X enabled him to go deep and we worked backwards to achieve exactly those looks and more. I also learned the hottest new FCP features that I can apply right away. Juan Carlos is also a true graphic designer who knows the tools but also the art. He challenged me to be more creative and gain a competitive edge with this powerful NLE machine. Thank you!

Also to note: He helped me add some further tools to my toolkit like Garage Band and other online sources. In regards to Garage Band, I never thought about it and at first I thought it was just a rock and roll video game for kids, but it is a powerful library of sound samplings that I can use right away for my productions.

Thanks for making it all work out John. I will be taking the motion class just have to see my upcoming schedule to make it work.

Thank you again!
- Sean

  • Bayada Home Health Care - Burlington, NJ:  "The training was one of the best hands on training sessions I have attended.  Alex set me at ease and was very helpful in translating technical information into layman's terms.  Alex made himself available before and after the sessions which spoke volumes - he took the time to sit with me after the session had ended to share additional features of Final Cut Pro. I would definitely recommend training from GeniusDV to others - especially under Alex's facilitation."I thought Alex was great. He had a relaxed and inviting way of facilitating. He was always open to questions and gave helpful and encouraging feedback. He was very knowledgeable but was able to deliver the information in a way we could all understand and apply." Overall, as a group we all agree that the training was excellent and we would recommend your company in the future to our colleagues and friends!

     "I was very satisfied with Alex from Genius DV Institute. He had a very relaxed and calm demeanor about him that made me feel comfortable. I never hesitated to ask him questions, even if I thought they were dumb. He created a safe atmosphere that allowed us to share our ideas with him and each other without the fear of looking stupid if something didn't work right. He had a perfect balance of hands-on learning and learning through watching him. This was by far one of the most effective training sessions I have had, and I believe Alex had a lot to do with that."
  • Lauren Adams, General Manager, KUCB Radio, Unalaska, Alaska: "After upgrading our production computers from PC to Apple we needed staff training on Final Cut Pro and GeniusDV came all the way out to the Aleutian Islands to work with UCB staff and volunteers.  Our instructor was enthusiastic, patient with our myriad of questions, and a wealth of information."
  • Jefferson Moore, Kelly's Filmworks, Louisville, KY:  "The 2-day learning experience was exactly what we needed, and our company will reap benefits from the training for years to come.  There will be no hesitation in calling on GeniusDV for all our future training needs."
  • Kari Russell, Witchita, Kansas:  "It was a huge advantage to be able to customize my training program according to my exact needs, and not waste time on processes I already knew or wouldn't have use for."
  • Frank Coccaro, Director of Media Productions, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada:  "After more than a decade of using AVIDs, my staff was intimidated by the though of jumping into Final Cut Pro.  Our instructor's teaching style helped the staff realize how intuitive FCP is.  He was open to questions and always made sure they understood the topic before going on to another one.  Because of his own AVID background, he explained answers to them in a way they could quickly relate."
  • Steve Warren, Coordinating Producer, Sports Time Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio:  "GeniusDV was able to tailor a training syllabus that got the beginners up to speed quickly and taught the old dog some new tricks.  Our instructor was great to work with and knowing that the answers to any new questions that pop up are just a phone call away really made our experience with GeniusDV worthwhile."
  • Dr Leigh Browning, West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas:  "Our instructor took the time to get to know us and our post production workflow.  He skipped lessons that would have been a waste of our time and focused on teaching us a skillset that we could take with us and use to our benefit."
  • Benn Wyldeck, Australia:  "The professional feedback and rapid response have been priceless to what I'm trying to achieve.  I love your daily news snippets that you provide on your website.  I check it every day and find it interesting and useful in my day to day routine."

Hear comments from our clients and what they are saying about our Video Streaming and Compression Training and Consulting.

Reese Hearn
Senior Multimedia Specialist
Instructional Innovation Center
St. Philip's College

Attended 2-Day Video Streaming and Compression Course

"Thanks to the instruction I am able to stream video via the web site and within WebCT."

"The instructor and staff were excellent. I can’t say enough about the training and services I received. Keep up the good work. Hopefully I can come back to another class in the future."

Melissa Vasquez
Multimedia Specialist
Instructional Innovation Center
St. Philip's College

Attended 2-Day Video Streaming and Compression Course

"Since we are anticipating being the first community college in San Antonio to use iPODs we are very excited that we were shown how to compress video for this format."

"We enjoyed the whole staff and their friendly and welcoming attitude. They were accommodating to our wants and needs beyond the classroom. Derrick is still working with any questions that we have regarding our training after our training by email. The customer service of him and GeniusDV as a whole is superb."

Mark Siple
Information Technology Professional
College of Medicine Information Systems
University of Vermont

Attended 2-Day Video Streaming and Compression Course

"I had no idea how to create a podcast. Derrick was extremely professional in showing me how to do this. Derrick really knows his stuff!"

"I was fortunate enough to be the only one in the class. But I must say I liked the one on one training and the way that Derrick asked me what I wanted to get out of the class and gave me the specific training I requested and more."

Oshana Himot, MBA

Phone Consulting for Capturing Audio & Podcasting

"Derrick Freeman taught me how to use two different audio programs so that I could expand my speaking, writing and training with the use of audio. I find him to be a very knowledgeable and supportive coach and teacher. Not only is he technically proficient, he is also patient and tailors his sessions to the unique needs of his client."

"I highly recommend him for consulting projects of all sizes, with clients ranging from corporate to entrepreneurial."

Sid Gray
Electronic Media Services

Attended 3-Day Video Streaming and Compression Course

"The class however helped demonstrate that I could provide live encoding of Windows Media on a Macintosh computer. The hands on nature of the class really allowed for some experimentation."

What did you like about the Sorenson Squeeze application used in the class?

"This was a highlight. While I owned a copy of the program, I usually used Media Cleaner Pro for compression work. I'm about to purchase an upgrade and plan to switch."

Services Provided: 

  • QuickTime Streaming Server Set-up
  • Windows Media Streaming Server Set-up
  • Wowza Media Server Set-up (For Flash Streaming)
  • Video Encoding to Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Media, Flash, and H.264 formats
  • Web Authoring of Streaming Content
  • Video Portal Set-up
  • Streaming Tools Set-up and Training
  • Set-up of In-house Streaming Media Operation
  • Set-up of Video and Audio Encoding Workstations
  • Live Streaming Channels Set-up
  • 24/7 On-demand Channels Set-up
  • Creation of Streaming Reports
  • Compression Tools Recommendations for Encoding on Mac and PC Platforms

View Student Testimonials

Derrick Freeman provides on-site consultation and training at your location to fit your needs.  He can be reached by emailing him directly or calling our 24 hour answering service. Also, get additional details and information about our Video Streaming and Compression training and consulting by calling us at 866-566-1881.

What is the cost for a certified instructor to train at my facility?
GeniusDV charges a $2250 a day for training at your facility. This day rate may be less depending on how soon you need the training, and our expenses. *When you consider some vendors charge up to $1,000 a year for technical support, you may discover why this is still a good deal.

How many hours of training do I get in a day?
We do not count the hours. However, 8-10 hours is considered fair practice. We understand the human limits of how much information can be absorbed in a day. If your staff is able to stay alert longer than 10 hours a day, then we are up for the challenge.

How many people can attend the training?
There is no limit to the number of people who can attend. Keep in mind, your training experience may depend on how many machines your facility has to train on. We recommend 1-2 people per system. We do have a limited number of systems that we can bring to your facility for an additional charge.

Can I request a specific trainer?
Yes, but your training schedule will be based on that instructor's availability.

Can I interview my instructor before paying?
Absolutely! Before you agreeing to a quote, we will schedule an interview with your assigned instructor. You can then comfortably make your decision on whether to proceed.

How do I pay for on-site training services?
We require payment in full before dispatching an instructor to your location. Payment may be made via (Major Credit Card, or check).

offers Special Pricing to NABET 31 members.

Nabet Logo

A $400 Credit from NABET
31 plus a $300 Credit from GeniusDV will be credited towards any GeniusDV class.
Which means a $700 total credit. *Rebate amount may not exceed the total cost of your class.

You must confirm with NABET and GeniusDV by calling 1-888-NABET31 to make sure
your eligable.

NABET 31 and GeniusDV will only honor the above rebates to members in good standing.

You will be billed the full list price of class, and then after
completion of the class you will receive your rebate check.

The $400 NABET rebate is good for only one class per year, but the GeniusDV
rebate can be applied to additional classes.

To receive the subsidy contact:

Isabelle Tiglio
Nabet-CWA Washington, Local 31
962 Wayne Avenue, Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910

izzy@nabet31.org or

Toll Free Number 1-888-NABET31



Avid Certified User - ACU Program
This initial ACU (Avid Certified User) level thoroughly covers the core operational functions of the Avid Media Composer software. In-depth knowledge regarding media capture, editing, effects, media management and output options will be tested. Only those who demonstrate substantial proficiency in operational 'know-how' will be officially recognized by Avid Technology and awarded the title of Avid Certified User / Professional.

There are two Level's of Avid Media Composer Certification.

What are the benefits of becoming an Avid Certified Operator?

  • The Avid Certified User status an unique certifcation
  • Free hosting of your contact information on the ACU Database - This is critical, so you can prove you have officially passed the requirements to become certified.
  • Industry-wide recognition of your proficiency on Avid software
  • Confidence in your ability to maximize Avid software's performance
  • Use of the ACU Operator Logo on your resume or business card - This will help legitimize your marketing efforts when trying to land your next big gig!
  • Official Avid Certified Operator Certificate - Display your framed certified with pride to show off your excellence in using the Avid software.

How do you become an Avid Certified User?
First, you must complete the pre-requisite Avid certified courses.  For level one certification, you must complete the two Fundamental courses.  You must pass the exam for each course to become officially certified. GeniusDV also offers Level 2 Certification.  Please call for details.

We hihgly recommend that you have used the software for a minimum of two to three months, or have demonstrated excellent editing skills through intense editing projects.

How much do the exams cost?
The certification exams are included with your enrollment in GeniusDV's 5 day Avid Certified Training course.

How is the exam structured, how many questions?
The exams contain 50 multiple choice (single answer) questions.  There is a time limit of 60 minutes.  A passing grade is 80%.  The exam is proctored, and you are not allowed to use your notes, courseware, of software while taking the exam(s).

If I fail an exam, can I retake it?
Yes, GeniusDV places the following restrictions on retaking certification exams.

2nd attempt: 24 hour waiting period
3rd attempt: 1 week waiting period
4th attempt: 3 month waiting period
5th+ attempt: 6 months waiting period

How long does the Certification status last?

The Certification and all associated benefits do not expire.  Your certification status will list the version you are certified for.  When a new version,or major upgrade of the product software is released you are welcome to re-certify on the current version.  We encourage you to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest versions of our software.

Apple has an official end-user Certification program for Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Motion. GeniusDV has helped many individuals become certified over the years. If you are interested in becoming an Apple Certified Professional, please contact us.

It is important to note, that while GeniusDV uses Apple Certified Trainers along with Apple Certified Courseware, our courses are based on practical real-world scenarios. Our teaching style changes as the industry changes. In addition, because of our small class sizes, we prefer to customize our training based on the students in the class. Therefore, it makes it very difficult to teach material that is on a structured exam.

The Final Cut Pro exam is based entirely on the Apple certified courseware that you will receive.

The Apple Certified Pro training program creates an official assessment of your understanding of the various Apple Professional application software products.. In today's competitive video production environment, this certification will definitely give you an advantage if you are attempting to break into the marketplace. If you pass the Apple Certified exam, you will be given Apple Certified Pro status, which will allow you to distinguish yourself from competing colleagues and production companies. This certification gives you a competitive edge in today's ever-changing job market.

How do I become an Apple Certified Professional?
To become an Apple Certified Pro you must pass an online exam administered at an Apple Authorized Training Center. The test is an online exam which is timed. Level One exam's are administered at the end of specific courses, or if you prefer to learn on your own or believe you already have the necessary skill-set in your chosen application you may register to take the exam at an Authorized Training Center for a fee.

What are the benefits of becoming an Apple Certified Professional?
As an Apple Certified Pro you will be recognized as a highly skilled user of the chosen application and will have the ability to differentiate yourself to employers and colleagues as a Certified Pro to promote career growth You will receive a certificate from Apple distinguishing you as an Apple Certified Pro and will have the right to use the Apple Certified Pro logo. This logo is excellent to place on business cards or on your company's website.

Do I have to take a class to become certified?
No, you may opt out of the training course, and schedule the Level 1 exam at any Apple Final Cut Pro certified training center. To become (level 2) certified, you must take an official Apple Final Cut Pro advanced certified training course in order to quality. Level Two exams can only be taken in conjunction with the advanced classes taught at the Apple Authorized Training Centers.

How much does the exam cost?
The exam fee is $150 and is non-refundable upon taking the exam. If you do not pass, you may retake the exam after 24 hours. You will be required to pay another $150 per exam attempt.

How difficult are the exams?
The exams are fairly comprehensive, and will test even the seasoned Pro Applications veteran. We recommend taking a corresponding certified training course in order to prepare for it. We cannot guarantee that you will pass, but we do our best to prepare students for the concepts that are covered on the exam.

Receive FREE Tutorials by email:


    Avid Media Composer Training
  • Enrollment Cost: $50.00
  • 84 Media Composer Lectures
  • Includes Practice Media
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Official Certificate of Completion
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Click to Enroll for 10% off!
    Final cut Pro X Training
  • Enrollment Cost: $20.00
  • 60 Final Cut Pro X Lectures
  • Includes Practice Media
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Official Certificate of Completion
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Click to Enroll