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Video Tutorials: November 2016 Archives

Learn how to blur or pixelate an area within a video segment using Final Cut Pro X.  Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X with a new interface.

Watch this 2 min video on using the Censor Effect within Final Cut Pro 10.3

Final_Cut_Pro_Blur_Face.pngIn Final Cut Pro 10.3, it's easy to create a censor effect to blur or pixelate areas of a video segment.

To demonstrate, I'm displaying default Final Cut Pro X interface here with a single clip segment within the timeline.

Make sure the playhead is at the front of the clip segment.

Click on the clip segment so it's selected.

With the clip still selected, right click and choose show video animation from the contextual menu.

Navigate to the Effects Browser Icon or press command 5 to bring forward the Effects Browser window.

Navigate to the Video / Stylize category and double click on the censor effect.

FCP_X_Effects_Browser_Window.pngInside the viewer window you will see on-screen controls for the censor effect.

In the Inspector Window, you can choose a method of either pixelate or blur.  

In this example, I'll choose the blur method.

Pixilate_Blur.pngAdjust the amount of the blur that you want.

Off to the right side of the radius and center parameters, click on these plus icons to create keyframes.

Place the censor effect onto the area you want to pixelate or blur.

Adjust the size of the area affected by dragging on this outer ring.

Move the position indicator forward a few frames using the right arrow key, and then re-position the on-screen controls for the censor effect.

In doing so, you are automatically creating new keyframes within the video animation area inside the clip segment.

Repeat the process until your finished.

It's that easy!  Check it out!

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