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Video Tutorials: January 2014 Archives

This lesson focuses on learning the basic Media Composer interface windows, and how each window functions.


Avid Media Composer consists of three main interface windows.

These are, the project window. the Composer window, and the timeline.


The project window is the heart of Media Composer.

At the top of the window, it has several tabs, which include a list of bins, settings, and video effects.

The project window is where you will organize your video and audio content by creating bins.

The Composer window is where you’ll view your content.  It has a source side, and a record side.

The source side is where you can view individual clips, and the record side is where you view your sequence.

A sequence represents your edited program, and a sequence is always displayed as clip segments within the Timeline window.

Now, all of these windows can be minimized or hidden.

So, for example, I can minimize the timeline window.

Side Note: If you are running Media Composer on a MAC, using the current release of Media Composer 7.03, I do not recommend minimizing the project window.  When you bring the window back, the Media Composer software get's confused. You may ecnounter a situation where you cannot access the functions within the window.  The solution is to close the project, and re-launch Avid Media Composer.

To bring back an interface window, navigate to the tools menu.

I recommend that you learn the keyboard shortcuts to bring back any hidden interface window.

So as you can see, command 0 will bring back the timeline window.

Now for an important note:  Even though the project window can be hidden, it must always remain open.

If you close the project window, it will close your project.

You will then have to re-open your project again to get the project window back.

Okay, so now you’ve got the official names of the three main interface windows.

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