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Video Tutorials: November 2013 Archives

Learn to to use two different nesting functions within Avid Media Composer.  


In particular, this lesson will demonstrate how to use simple nesting for Color Correction Purposes.


Learn how to create the Pleasantville effect using Final Cut Pro X.

fcpx_training.pngPleasantville Effect FCPX.pngCreating the Pleasantville in Final Cut Pro X is incredibly easy.  Watch this short tutorial and learn how to create the effect in less than 1 and a half minutes!

Learn some great shortcuts using Avid Media Composer 7 when it comes to mixing audio levels.  You'll also learn how to map menu commands to the keyboard for critical functions when it comes to mixing audio.

play_avid_tutorial.pngOne of the new features in Avid Media Composer 7 is the ability to mix audio levels with an audio slider directly within the timeline window.


Check out this short tutorial on how to create an alpha channel matte using Final Cut Pro X. 


This will allow you to place video inside a text object.  In this example, I've place some fire inside the lower third.


Learn how to use the speed ramp function along with the time-stretch tool in Adobe Premiere CC.


Here's a short tutorial on how to use DaVinci Resolve with Avid Media Composer.  This tutorial focuses on roundtriping from Avid into Resolve with media that has been imported into Avid and has been wrapped within an .mxf file format.

Avid_DaVinci_Resolve.pngBlackmagic Corporation makes a Lite version of DaVinci resolve that's free!  The Lite version is fully funcational.  So, it may be worth downloading the software and watching this tutorial.


It's easy to create amazing 3D text using Avid Media Composer in combination with Avid FX.


All current versions of Avid Media Composer now ship with the Avid FX Software. For those who are new to Media Composer, Avid FX is esentially the same as Boris FX.


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