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Video Tutorials: October 2013 Archives

Here's a short tutorial on how to create the Ken Burns effect in Final Cut Pro X.

fcpx_training.pngGeniusDV's next Final Cut Pro X class starts Nov 18-22.  We also offer flat rate on-site Final Cut Pro X training.  Unlimited Students - one flat fee.

Learn the basics of performing a chroma key function using Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere CC includes a fantastic chroma key filter called 'Ultra Key'.  Watch this short training tutorial on how to create a chroma key effect.


Learn the basics of applying effect filters within Avid Media Composer.


Learn how to use the censor effect within Final Cut Pro X to blur / pixelate a person's face.
blur-face.pngThe Censor effect is a built-in preset that ships with Final Cut Pro X.  It has two modes availabe (blur, or pixelate).  This is an incredbily easy effect to use if you do not need a custom shape.

fcpx_training.pngThe online Final Cut Pro X training course includes the following benefits:

  • No Watermark and Advertising with HD Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Practice Media
  • Special Permission to use real movie footage from the short film Legacy.
  • Support Question / Answer Forum
  • Quizzes for Editing Sections
  • Ongoing Phone Support
  • Video Lessons are geared towards helping you become a Final Cut Pro X Certified Pro.
  • Lifetime Membership - No Monthly auto-bill
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Video Lessons - no payment required

And don’t forget, GeniusDV also offers classroom or onsite Final Cut Pro X training.

Learn how to blur or mask out an object or a person's face using Adobe Premiere. 


Check out this short lesson on using Avid Media Composer to create a picture-in-picture effect with a nested filter.


Learn how to create a speed ramp effect using Final Cut Pro X.

fcpx_training.pngContinue reading for an text based version of this FCP X training tutorial.

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